Why Do So Many Companies Organise Golfing Trips to Pattaya?

Today, Pattaya is undoubtedly one of the most preferred golf trip destinations in the world. Very few countries can boast the ideal mix of climate, hospitality, choice and convenience that Pattaya offers. Since it’s a world-class destination, it offers visitors a host of amenities which ensures there are a number of other things to do here apart from golfing. Take a look at why so many companies organise golfing trips to Pattaya:

Why Organise your Company Golf Trip in Pattaya

20 golf courses within close proximity

This isn’t an exaggeration. It’s a fact that that there are more than 20 golf courses just within a 45 minute driving distance from the centre of Pattaya. This area is known to be the world’s most crowded golf course location.

But that’s not all; there is a variety in golf course design, the price ranges and the standards too. This means, you are sure to find something that suits your preferences and budget. Stretching from Chonburi located in the west right up to Rayong in the east and all other places in Pattaya – you will find that golf exists.


Not everybody has caddies when they are playing at golf courses in their own hometown. But when you visit Pattaya to play golf, it’s mandatory to have a caddy, on most golf courses. There is of course a fee attached to this service, which varies from one golf course to another.

Most caddies are women here and they will offer local knowledge and help you navigate the course. It can be a great relief to have someone there to carry your clubs and clean them for you while you only focus on playing.


Almost all the golf courses in Pattaya have practice facilities. There are pro-shops where you can easily hire shoes and clubs. You will also find onsite restaurants that serve varied cuisine. These places also have high-end changing facilities. In short, Pattaya offers you a very robust and comprehensive golfing experience, which isn’t something you would be able to experience everywhere.

Fantastic championship courses

Pattaya has a significantly larger number of golf courses than any other region in Thailand and many golfers try playing at different courses when they are here.

Value for money

Regardless of whether you are talking about golf courses, resorts, the nightlife or restaurants, Pattaya is the ultimate destination that provides you value for money on every front. You will find courses such as Rayong as well as Emerald GC in the east where you can play at very good prices. You will also find an amazing selection of hotels to choose from, in Pattaya and the Pratumnak Hill and Jomtien regions are simply superb. There is a wide variation in price and you can choose something that fits into your budget. In fact, there are also a large number of 5 star hotels and resorts and you can choose, depending on how much or how little you want to spend.

Plenty to do apart from golfing

When you travel to another country to play golf, you don’t go there only to play golf. You are looking for a place that lends itself to holidaying and Pattaya does just that. No other place offers the wide variety of hotels, restaurants, shopping, bars & nightlife as well as expanses of stunning beaches. It is one of the best places to play golf and enjoy in a number of other ways.

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