Why Choose a Custom Designed Tour for Your Next Corporate Trip to Pattaya?

If you are considering organising a corporate golf trip to Pattaya for your staff members, and have been researching online, you will find there are a number of companies that offer corporate golf packages. If you conduct some more in-depth research, you may find a package that suits your requirement. However, more often than not, there will be some aspect of the package that may not be in-line with your specific needs.

You just have to manage things the way they have been outlined by the company. This is one of the main reasons corporates choose to have their own custom-designed golf trip. This gives then a great deal of flexibility to choose the kind of travel arrangements they want etc.

Reasons for choosing a Custom Designed Tour

Let’s take a detailed look at why you should opt for a custom-designed corporate golf trip:

Travel arrangements

The ready golf trip packages could include the ground transport (to & from the airport), the air fares as well as other similar facilities. It’s important that you check whether these things are included in it. You will find that most companies don’t include these in their quoted price. Most organisers presume that you are going to book all these yourself.

When there are many people travelling in a group, it can be slightly problematic for you to manage booking for everyone. It’s a much better idea to use the services of the company instead. At times, group bookings may also be available at a discount and you can take advantage of that too.

Resort/hotel stay

Most golfing trips have the resort/hotel stay included in the package cost. But Pattaya is a place that has a number of very attractive resorts in different locations you can golf in. This means, the tour operator generally chooses the resort and then the golf courses in the vicinity. If you feel that you want to play at a specific golf course/s, you might want to check whether the resort they are putting you up at, is close to those courses.

If it isn’t, you might not want to travel to far everyday just to get to the golf course while you are there. In this case its best to choose which golf courses you would like to play at, and then find a suitable resort that matches your requirements. So, it’s important to confirm all this with the organisers before you actually do the booking.

The number of visits to the golf courses

Some packages don’t really include free access to golf courses. Typically, they have a fixed number of games you can play. On the other hand, there are certain resorts that will permit you unlimited games. If you want to play a certain number of games during your visit to Pattaya and the tour operator is unable to fit it into the standard package, you would have to opt for a custom-designed one.

Meals matter

When you are on a golf tour, in addition to being able to access good golf courses, you would also like to ensure that you get to sample delectable and varied cuisine. The standard packages may have some meals included, but they may be restrictive in terms of the food and restaurants. If you feel that meals matter, it’s much better to choose a tailor-made golfing tour

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