Why Carrying Your Own Golf Bag While Golfing Isn’t Always a Great Idea

Carrying your own golf bag isn’t always the smart thing to do because it does nothing for your golf game; in fact, it has just the opposite effect and pulling a golf trolley can be quite harmful to your health as well. Most modern golf bags are ergonomically designed and have much better balanced dual-straps; but even the fittest of golfers can have a tough time carrying around a full golf bag around 18 holes.

Many experts aver that carrying heavy golf bags impact body alignment. No matter which way you look at it, repeatedly hauling and carrying a bag full of heavy golf clubs for four hours can be harrowing. This is also why most golf courses have caddy services. Even when you are on your golf trip to Thailand, you will find that it’s mandatory to hire caddies at most of the golf courses.

How carrying a golf bag affects you

  • If you carry your own bag you are putting an excessive amount of stress on your body, weakening your core strength and compromising your posture; and all of these things have an impact on your game as well as general health.
  • Carrying golf bags or pulling trolleys are one of the primary causes of injuries sustained by most golfers. The lifting, bending and twisting motions all eventually result in a strain injury or pain in your wrist, hip, back or neck. Most of the injuries can easily be prevented while still enjoying your walk on a golf course. Golf is a hard enough game without having to worry about all these eventual injuries.
  • Expert golfers will tell you they firmly believe that people miss out on opportunities to improve their game when they choose to carry their golf bag.
  • One of the commonest symptoms of carrying your own golf bag is that your shoulders become elevated thus shortening the muscles; this makes it extremely difficult to let your arms fall down into the appropriate position at set up. When you hire a caddy, that helps you preserve your energy and contributes positively to your game.

Caddies in Thailand

In one of our previous blogs we had discussed at length about the caddies at golf courses in Thailand. All of the 300 or more courses in Thailand have caddies, all of them women. The locals will tell you that they are generally much more reliable workers than men. Most of them are very knowledgeable and know the courses they work at, like the back of their hand.

They are also very friendly and hardworking and very good at their jobs, too. The caddie experience is the one thing that sets golfing in Thailand in a league of its own for those wanting an exceptional experience as well as a great golfing holiday. All players are required to have a caddie at the fee set by the golf course. In addition, you are also expected to tip the caddie a certain amount, but it’s all well worth the money you spend and they:

  • Carry your clubs
  • Will prep the cart
  • Drive you right to the practice area as well as onto the first tee
  • Will also mark your ball
  • Repair divots and pitch marks
  • Hold an umbrella
  • Get you water/face cloths
  • Other

As mentioned earlier, they are all very friendly, delightful and playful and do everything they can to make sure you have an excellent experience.

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