Which Putter Length is Right For You?

The putter length is one of the most important aspects to consider when you want to purchase golf clubs. It will help with your posture and give you more confidence with the shot. If you have the right putter length, your stance and swing will be more precise and your will be able to hit the ball in the desired direction. We always recommend a professional fitting because that will help you get the best putter length. However, if you want to avoid that, here are some tips that can help:

Posture is Important

The ideal putter length will allow you to maintain a good posture when you play the game. If your putter is of the right length, you can stand relatively erect and survey the shot clearly. As you don’t need to bend down to compensate for the lack of length, you can judge the distance to the target better and therefore have more control over the shot.

The Standard Lengths

There are set industry standards that can act as a guideline for the ideal putter length. Here are some standard lengths:

Normal or Short Putters

Conventional men’s putters can be around 33 to 35 inches while conventional women’s putters can be around 33 to 34 inches.

Belly Putters

These putters are a little more complicated because they need to be relative to your height. If the player’s height is over 6’2″, they need a shaft length of 45 to 47 inches. If the height is between 5’9″ and 6’1″, they need a shaft length of 41 to 44 inches. If the player’s height is less than 5’8″, they need a shaft length of 38.5 to 40 inches.

Long Putters

Many golfers prefer long putters but there’s a great deal of trial and error involved to get the right size. While the estimates can act as a general guideline to get the best length, you need to test every putter personally with a few practice swings to determine if they’re the right length for you. For example, a player who’s above 6’2″ in height would require a putter length of 54 inches, but if you’re 6’4″, that length might prove to be too short. If you test the length personally, you can get a more accurate length.

What if the Length of the Putter is too Long?

If your putter length is too long, you’ll be farther away from the ball and your gaze will be inside the ball instead of being over it. Because of this stance, your shot will be flatter and your aim will be off the target. The additional length will also alter the natural pendulum motion of your body during the swing and compromise your game.

What if the Length of the Putter is too Short?

If your putter length is too short, you’ll have to compensate for it by leaning over the ball. That would reduce your field of vision and you won’t have the best view of your target. The bent position will also hamper your natural swing and place a lot of pressure on your back. You’ll feel more tired and stressed because of the added effort and that would compromise your score.

As you can see, your putter length should be ideal for your height so you should invest some time and effort into choosing the right one.

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