Traveling to Thailand on a Corporate Golfing Trip in the Rains? Here’s What You Need to Carry

If you are considering traveling to Thailand in the rains, there’s a good chance that you will be caught in a downpour when you are on the greens, putting a round of golf. The rains in the country can be a little quirky and can arise as if out of nowhere. What starts out as a warm day might suddenly transform into a cloudburst without any warning.

The silver lining is that these rain storms vanish with the same suddenness as they appear; typically, these rainstorms last for 30 minutes or less after the clouds have unleashed buckets of water in the area in that short period of time.

If you don’t want the rains to put a dampener on your mood and stall your game completely, you should be well-prepared for this kind of weather. Here are some things to include in your golf bags on your trip to Thailand in the rains.

#1 An Umbrella

This is something you must carry on your golfing trip regardless of which season you are travelling in; it is a basic necessity. Invest in a strong, wind-resistant umbrella.

#2 Raincover for your golfing bag

You can easily purchase these at a very low cost in any golf shop in Thailand. Some of these are nothing but large plastic bags; while others are built better and have pockets too. The clubs can be accessed easily even in a downpour. Look for a waterproof bag if you want to protect your golfing gear from the rains.

#3 Towels

This is something you can’t have enough of; make sure you carry a sufficient number of dry towels as they will surely come in handy during a wet round as you will have to wipe down your grips face and hands often when it’s raining. You can carry one larger towel and a few smaller ones and place them in your side pockets after wrapping them carefully in plastic bags

#4 Rain hat

It’s common to see beginner golfers wearing regular hats even when it’s raining. These accessories offer absolutely no protection from the rain and can become a wet and heavy mess on your head within minutes. The recommendation is that you should get a good, breathable hat that doesn’t have any mesh on it.

#5 Rain clothing

You have the option to carry rain pants, but it can be quite a chore to put them on and take them off every time there is a passing shower. Check whether the golf courses you will be playing at permit players to wear shorts while they are on the greens (every golf club has a certain dress code). You should also consider wearing a rainproof, breathable, lightweight, short-sleeved windshirt.

#6  Shoes

Look for breathable, water-resistant shoes; in most instances, when the rain isn’t too heavy, these shoes work well in keeping your feet and socks dry. If there is a heavy downpour and too much of water, even waterproof shoes won’t serve the purpose. Some golf courses offer shoe rentals and that is an option you can check on if you choose not to purchase a new set of water-resistant shoes.

In addition to these things, you should also consider keeping an extra set of gloves, and pack some ziplock bags. Golfing in the rain is quite pleasant in Thailand; it’s generally cooler and the grass is greener; you can always stop playing in case there is a heavy rain storm and resume your game once it passes.

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