How Pattaya Offers Golf Lovers an Exceptional Experience

Pattaya is a beach vacation destination that has also gained recognition as a golf-lover’s paradise and with good reason. Today people from across the world choose to travel to Pattaya solely to experience the pleasure of playing golf in these stunning surroundings. Take a look what makes Pattaya so attractive to golf lovers:

  • The city has more than 20 different world-class golf courses, all within 45-minutes driving distance from its central areas.
  • These golf courses are set in interesting locales which adds to the pleasure of indulging in this sport.
  • The courses offer the best amenities and services at very reasonable fees that you will find are a great bargain regardless of where you come from.
  • Most of these courses are specifically designed and planned to championship standards by some of the most noted golf course designers in the world.
  • The tropical climate adds to your golfing experience.
  • Many people head for this city to play golf even during the monsoon season. While the region gets a fair amount of rainfall, it doesn’t pour constantly and you can easily get back to your game after the rain shower has passed.
  • The golf courses are dotted with kiosks selling snacks and drinks to keep you energised and refreshed while playing your rounds.
  • Once you are done with your game you can rest at the clubhouses that offer excellent services and facilities.
  • Most of the courses have practice facilities where you can hone your golfing skills.
  • If you haven’t carried your own clubs and golf shoes, you have the option to hire them from the pro shops at the course.
  • The on-site restaurants at the golf course clubhouses offer varied cuisines and you can enjoy leisurely meals in beautiful settings.
  • All the golf courses require you to hire caddies and you will find them to be very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable as well. Most caddies here are women; not only will they lug your clubs and accessories around, clean your golf clubs when you are playing your game but will give you tips on golfing at these courses as well.
  • You will find that the rest of the staff is very courteous and friendly as well and you will always be welcomed with a friendly smile.
  • All the courses in Pattaya are open 7 days a week, but if you want to beat the rush you should aim to play on weekdays as that will help you get the best tee-times.

How a tour operator can help

If you are visiting Pattaya as a member of a corporate golf trip, your tour operator will manage all the arrangements. They will ensure that you are put up at the best resorts or hotels that are in close proximity of the golf courses you will be playing at. They will also make sure that you get the best tee-times at different golf courses. Pattaya has a lot of places of historical interest and some of the beaches are extremely beautiful as well. The tour operators and will organise sightseeing trips to all the popular tourist spots in the city; all these things ensure your golfing experience in Pattaya is exceptional in every way.

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