Using Golf As a Team Building Exercise – Fun Games to Play

Not many people believe that golf can be a team building exercise. In fact, such a thing would never come up in a conversation about team building. Golf is often perceived to be a game that’s focused on the individual. After all, there aren’t any golf teams in the professional circuit. If there are no teams, how can golf be a team building exercise? At Pattaya Golf Trips, we believe that it is. We have seen the results of team building golf trips and know that they can have a great impact on the overall employee mindset.

Why Golf?

If you want to focus on team building, why choose golf? Why not other team sports like football, volleyball, or even cricket? The answer to that is simple. Golf is challenging, requires patience and determination, but will accommodate different levels of fitness and abilities and still be enjoyable. In this game, your employees who aren’t familiar with golf wouldn’t be left behind.

Choose the Right Location

When you want to take your employees out golfing, you should choose the right golf course. There are several professional golf courses that wouldn’t allow non-golfers on the green. You need to find golf courses that allow corporate team building golf outings. Of course, if all your employees are golfers in some capacity, you might be able to get access to traditional courses.

You should also avoid large, championship level courses with 18 holes. These can be taxing to people who are not accustomed to golf and are just starting out. Instead, you should pick short holes or nine-hole courses that would be easy to navigate for non-golfers. You should also choose a course that would offer golfing equipment on rent, have practice facilities, some meeting rooms, and a café or restaurant.

A practice range would allow your experienced golfers to warm up while your non-golfers can learn how to handle the club and hit the balls. Golfing can be unexpectedly taxing, so a café or a restaurant will offer refreshments. After the game is concluded, you might need a meeting room to distribute awards and discuss team building and encourage camaraderie.

The Game to Play

Golf can be adapted to be a team building game easily. You need to divide your employees into different teams and these teams should be a good blend of golfers and non-golfers. Make sure that the skill distribution is as even as possible. That would ensure that the teams have to work with varied abilities of different team members, just like they would in a work situation.

The scramble stroke is a great way to turn golf into a team building exercise. In this play, each team member should hit one shot. After the shot is played, they decide which shot was the best, and play the next round from that spot. This would continue until the shot is in the hole. The team with the lowest number of shots to get to the hole wins.

With this game, all of the team members will contribute in some capacity and the result would depend on collective effort instead of individual skill. During the course of the game, you might discover that different people on your team have different skills at golf.

As you can see, golf can be easily used as team building exercise. If you have any questions about our golf trips and our luxurious villa accommodations, you can get in touch with us at Pattaya Golf Trips. Simply contact us via this contact us form & we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also speak with our experts at this number – 0499 013 536.

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