Unusual Street Foods in Pattaya

There are a number of intriguing and interesting sights, sounds and flavours in Pattaya; and while you are there, the local food is something you just shouldn’t give a miss. And when we say local, this doesn’t refer to the local dishes they serve at regular restaurants. If you want to know what Thai food is all about, you must give some of the unusual street foods in Pattaya a shot.

There is a mind-boggling variety of street food in Pattaya and you will find the ubiquitous pushcarts and small Thai food stalls, eateries that dispense an amazing assortment of largely mysterious edible matter that Thais find to be as delicious as any haute cuisine you may find delectable.

One of the major deterrents for foreigners when it comes to trying local street food in Pattaya is the hygiene aspect. Apart from that, when you pass a street food vendor and check out what’s on offer, in most instances the spread will be entirely unfamiliar to you.

And all the signage is in Thai, so you will frequently be left wondering about its taste, edibility and origin. But when you are in Pattaya and are on a mission to try out some local cuisine, see if you can get a good local guide to help you understand what’s on offer.

Some common street foods in Pattaya

Doner kebab

While this isn’t a local Thai dish, you will find carts selling Doner Kebabs across Pattaya. This is a very simple yet delicious food that is made from chicken, sauces and veggies with some other fixings. This is wrapped in either a pita, bred or tortilla, depending on the vendor you visit. While they may not sound really amazing, they really are delicious to the last bite.

Thai noodles

You will find that Thais love take-away food. You will often find vendors selling a range of pre-packaged takeaway meals, especially soup and noodles and the most common varieties are pork, chicken and vegetarian. In addition to this, they also sell sides such as sticky rice and papaya salad.

Typically, the women make these foods at home while their husbands sell the food on their carts, so you needn’t be concerned if the guy selling it looks like he has never set foot in a kitchen. You have the option to sit right there next to the cart and taste the fare, or simply parcel some as takeaway.


Thailand is famous for foods on wooden sticks. Ranging from your classic sausages and chicken satays to steak, fish and fruit, you will find a lot of street food being served on over-sized toothpicks in Pattaya. The beef steak and the pork chop satays are popular and all of these are very easy on the pocket.


If you aren’t queasy and have strong gut (the pun is intended here), you may just want to try Thailand’s famous creepy crawly delicacies. Across Thailand, you will find stir-fried bugs’ dishes and some of the commonest ones you will encounter in food are beetles, grasshoppers and cockroaches; some vendors will have an array of bug food to sell. But as mentioned earlier, these foods aren’t for the faint-hearted.

As you can see, there really are a number of street food goodies you can try when in Pattaya. If you have any other questions about golf in Pattaya and our tour packages, you can get in touch with us at Pattaya Golf Trips. Just fill in this contact us form and we’ll call you as soon as possible. You can also call us on 0499 013 536, and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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