What Type Of Golf Bag Should I carry On My Corporate Golfing Trip?

If you are going shopping for a golf bag, you will find that the simplest and most basic pieces have a number of features that can help keep you organised and comfortable on the greens. Advanced design and technology have reinvented the older styled unwieldy golf bags into efficient, lightweight and stylish bags golfers would love to use and be proud to display while on the course. If you have looked at various golf bags on the market and are wondering which one would suit your requirements best, here are some pointers that can help.

#1 Choose the type of bag

Carry bags

These are the lightest and the easiest to transport as well; they are specifically designed for casual and recreational golfers. These bags have shoulder straps which make it very easy to carry them around the greens and are a good choice if you prefer to walk the golf course.

Stand bags

These bags are versatile, lightweight, but still a tad heavier than a standard carry bag. There are legs at the base of these bags that helps keep everything accessible and upright while you are walking around the course.

Cart bags

These pieces have bases that are specially built to help attach them to a golfing cart. They are very commodious and have ample pockets. The bags are more suitable for serious, competitive or professional golfers.

Tour bags

As the name suggests, these are largely used by serious and professional golfers when they are touring; they have larger pockets and plenty of storage.

Travel bags

If you are travelling to Pattaya on a corporate golfing trip, and want to carry your own golf clubs, you may want to consider carrying your own travel bag. These bags keep your clubs safe on flights and during baggage handling. They generally have a hard case and are made from heavier materials.

#2 Take the bag weight into consideration

It’s vital to carefully consider the manner in which you prefer to play your game when choosing any bag based on its weight. If you plan to haul or carry your golf bag, you may want to opt for lighter materials.

#3 Number of pockets

Modern day golf bags have many pockets used for different things. Most pieces have insulated cooler pockets that are used to hold a cold drink; a lined pocket helps protect valuables such as mobile phones and keys while the full length pockets can be used to store things like extra apparel and outerwear. When buying a golf bag, consider the number of pockets you need and the number of things you will be carrying to the golf course.

#4 Number of dividers

Dividers are extremely important in any golf bag and you will find they range from 1-15. These are typically listed by the number of way-top; this indicates the number of openings the bag has at the top. You can also decide how many full-length dividers you need and these run down the length of the bag. Serious golfers generally prefer using bags with a larger number of dividers to keep the clubs separated while the more casual golfers use fewer because they are more convenient.

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