Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Golf in Thailand

A golfing trip is more than just about the game. It’s about the whole experience. After all, you’re taking a break from your regular, mundane life for a while and want to enjoy your time away. If golfing is your passion, you should pick a destination that would offer you the very best overall experience. At Pattaya Golf Trips, we’ve seen several clients wonder about Thailand as a golfing destination.

Yes, Thailand is known for its phenomenal beaches, great cuisine, and intriguing culture; but what can it offer to a traveller with golf on his or her mind? Actually, it offers quite a lot. Thailand is fast becoming one of the key golfing destinations for amateurs and professionals alike. Here are some reasons why you should golf in Thailand.

Why Golf in Thailand

#1 The Golf Courses are Enchanting

Thailand has over 200 golf courses and the number is expected to grow in the future. There are several professional, 18-hole courses as well as resorts that offer an all-round package deal. It doesn’t matter if you just dabble in golf or are actually a professional who wants to experience the country; Thailand has a lot to offer.

Some courses are designed by world-class designers and can be a challenge for the practiced golfer; others offer greens that are ideal for beginners. In essence, you get easily accessible golf courses for every taste and ability.

#2 Affordability

To be very frank, this is one of the biggest allures of Thailand. Not only do you get world-class golf courses and resorts, you get access to them at surprisingly affordable rates. You might actually have to spend twice the amount here in Australia for the same experience and facilities. If you go during the off-season, you might even get better deals on golf packages. Travelling to Thailand would also be more affordable than travelling to European countries or America. You’ll just get more bang for your back in Thailand.

#3 The Tourism Industry

Thailand has a very thriving tourism industry and that makes things easier for any traveller. Popular destinations are easily accessible. The infrastructure is great and well-established by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Golf tourism is a growing industry in this country and the Tourism Authority wants to encourage this. That’s why they’ve provided a number of facilities for visiting tourists. All information is readily available online if you need it.

#4 The Country

Thailand doesn’t just have well-designed golf courses. There’s a reason why it’s considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It has an abundance of natural beauty. You can expect white, sandy beaches, wonderful woodlands, and several other natural attractions. But nature isn’t all that Thailand has to offer. The country also has fascinating history and culture. You can watch traditional plays and dance performances; you can visit the various historical and modern monuments, and simply enjoy a culture that’s very different than our own.

Of course, you can’t visit Thailand without experiencing true Thai massages. Most golf resorts will have their own spas that offer professional massages. It’s a good idea to try them out while you’re there.

Experience the Best Golf Trips

As you can see, Thailand is an amazing golf holiday destination and that would be memorable. When you return to Australia, you’ll completely refreshed and satisfied with your golf holiday experience.

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