Tips to Play Golf in Pattaya Rain

If you are planning a corporate golf trip to Pattaya, you are sure to want to visit the city when the weather will be pleasant, and the skies will be clear of rain clouds. However, many people do make golf trips to Pattaya in the monsoon season that stretches from June to September. At this point, the south-westerly winds that come in from the Indian Ocean, bring in these heavy, rain clouds.

The monsoon showers in Pattaya are quite erratic and it can rain at any time of the day; the good news is that the heavy rains don’t last for over an hour. When it rains, there is a slight dip in the temperature; and the sun shines less brightly too. However, this weather doesn’t become a deterrent for avid golfers that wait for the weather to clear up a bit before they head for the greens again.

Things to focus on

If you are on a tight budget, it’s a good idea to visit Pattaya during the monsoons; the accommodation tends to be quite cheap during this time. Since there are fewer people on the greens, you also have better flexibility to choose when to play your game. And so, if you are planning a corporate golfing trip to Pattaya during the monsoon season, here are some things you may want to keep in view:

Waterproof gear

If you do want to wear all-weather golfer, it’s important that you purchase good quality waterproofs. Buy zippered trousers bottoms and check whether your golfing shoes would be able to weather the rains.

Grips and spikes

It’s a smart idea to replace your cleats and grips before they actually start costing you shots. The club has to be solid and if it isn’t, that will just compromise the game.


If the rain has set it, you are bound to require more than one glove and you should ideally keep a spare ready (store this in your carrier bag) and pull that out of the one you are using gets drenched in the rain.

Waterproof trolley/bag cover

You will easily be able to find a good waterproof golf bag; you can also choose to get an easy-to-attach cover or cape and this will provide you one additional protective layer; and it will keep things dry.

Dry towel

If your grips are wet, you will find it very difficult to actually make a decent swing; it’s why you should keep a supply of some dry towels handy.


Sometimes, even a large umbrella may not be able to stand up to the rain and wind; this is why you should ensure your brolly has a very strong construction.

Some things you should focus on

Pare scorecard

If you feel you want to keep score while playing, just keep your scorecard in a dry and safe place, just in case the original one gets ruined in the rain.

Allow for much less run

When you are playing on wet ground, the ball just won’t run too far. When there is less of run-off in the tee that can mean you will be able to take much more club on the holes, at points where you would typically hold back. The pitches & chips are much more likely to grab and the approach spots will also largely stop dead on landing. This means they will also take fewer breaks.

The scoring won’t be that good

In Pattaya, it is mandatory to have a caddie; despite that, it isn’t always easy to ensure that everything is sufficiently dry to have a good score when it’s raining. So, don’t get dejected if you drop a shot as everyone else that is playing will also be struggling.

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