Tips To Get a Better Trajectory With Your Golf Shots

It’s not uncommon for occasional or beginner golfers to struggle with their golfing techniques and many have a problem with getting their trajectory right. Trajectory is essentially about how high the ball moves through the air on iron shots. Most amateur golfers that have a tough time getting their iron shot trajectories right, face one common problem:

They have a lot of difficulty with getting loft with their irons (even when they are using the short irons). The trajectory doesn’t get more than a few inches off the grass and is flat, and they wonder how that can be changed. One of the simplest ways of fixing this is to think about what the impact position is. Here are some useful tips to get a better trajectory with your golf shots:

How to get a better trajectory with your golf shots

  • Ensure that the ball has been positioned correctly when you take a stance. Play the wedges, 9 iron & the 8 iron (short irons), right in the center of the stance.
  • Position your 7 iron, 6 iron & the 5 iron (middle irons), 1 ball-width forward of the center
  • The fairway woods and the long irons should be placed 2 balls forward of center.
  • Play all your drives off the front heel inner side.
  • When you move the ball back of the center within your stance that encourages a push or low hook.
  • When you are playing, tilt your spine a little away from your target; this helps ensure that your head is right behind the wall.
  • You will notice that golf tour players always tilt slightly right behind the ball from about 2° with the short irons, to 10° or more for driving.
  • If you use the “up-hill lie” position, it will help in launching the ball much higher. It’s vital that your head stay right behind the ball; that will have a more powerful impact.
  • If you ensure that you keep your chin behind the ball at the point of impact, you will find that you are able to make more powerful, higher shots.
  • Continue the swing to a high, full finish; this helps in releasing the angles of the wrist through impact. If your wrists hinge and then re-hinge during and post impact, your shaft will be far less likely to lean towards your target.
  • The standard rule to follow for excellent trajectory control is – Finish full & high for high ball flight & short and low for low ball flight.
  • If you find that your shots are low and that they hook, it’s best to choose a weaker grip. When you use a closed clubface that significantly reduces the club’s loft. This will also encourage a slightly open or square clubface.

Practice Makes Perfect

The aspect to keep in mind is that when you are golfing, the moment of truth is impact. If you focus on ensuring your impact position is sound and technically stable, it will help you master the flight of the golf ball. When you choose to go on a golfing trip, it’s a good idea to learn a few techniques and hone your skills at a local golf course. It will help you play a more satisfactory game when you actually hit the greens in Pattaya.
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