Tips to Buy the Right Sunglasses For your Golfing Trip

If you are planning a corporate golf trip to Pattaya, you must be planning on which clothing and accessories to pack. While you are sure to carry shoes, thermal wear and caps etc, the kind of sunglasses you buy matter a great deal too. If you conduct a bit of research, you will find that with all the advances in optical styling, design and technology, buying sunglasses isn’t just about buying the first pair you set your eyes on. There are a number of factors you have to take into account before you buy sunglasses for your golfing trip:

Factors to consider

#1 Ultraviolet Light

The UV rays of the sun are a definite hazard and one that many novice golfers underestimate. These rays are extremely hazardous to the eyes and it’s a good idea to buy sunglasses that block at least 98 percent of UV light. The sun can be especially bright during the summer and you don’t want the UV rays to affect the way you play your game.

#2 Polarisation

Light always bounces back & forth from reflective surfaces and this results in glare from shiny green grass, water and, white sand and glass. When you choose to wear polarised glasses, these block the horizontal rays and allow only the vertical rays to pass through, which reduce the glare. This helps you play a better game of golf.

#3 Lens Colours

It’s important to keep in view that the lens colours have nothing to do with its polarization. However, the former can impact clarity, perception as well as glare. Many sunglasses have grey lenses and this is deliberate because grey is a neutral colour. It doesn’t affect contrast or distort colour. Green and brown coloured lenses reduce glare, increase clarity and contrast and enhance depth perception, while orange and yellow lenses increase depth perception and contrast. As you can see, different colours have a different impact and it’s important that you try the glasses out in the light, before you actually buy any.

#4 Frame Styling, Weight and Durability

The other aspects you should take into account here are style, durability and weight. While you are sure to want stylish glasses, it’s crucial that they be lightweight too. After all, you are going to be wearing them for a round of golf that can last for a minimum of 4 hours. When it comes to durability, sunglasses made of nylon are the preferred choice among professional golfers, and with good reason – they weigh very little and are extremely durable too. And of course, you need to look good in the sunglasses you wear. Even as you look for style, check out the latest wrap-around, sleek looking glasses that prevent dust from getting into your eyes on a breezy day. They also help keep the glare out of your eyes when you are putting on the greens.

Choose your golfing glasses wisely

Regardless of which way you look at it, a good pair of sunglasses can make a significant difference to how comfortably and well you play your game. When you are going shopping for your golfing sunglasses, don’t make a hasty decision. Take all these aspects we just talked about into consideration; this will help you make a more well-informed decision.

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