Corporate Golf Trip to Pattaya in the Rains? Here are Some Tips

Today, people from all over the world head to Pattaya just to play golf and tour operators from many countries organise special golfing trips to the city. While the weather in Pattaya is rarely ever extreme, it’s a good idea to plan your corporate golf trip in the summer. However, many people want to experience Pattaya in the monsoons; this season stretches from June-September.

Golfing in the rains may not seem like such a great idea, but rains in the city are rarely ever severe; and even when there is a heavy downpour, it doesn’t last for over an hour and the sun soon peeps out from behind the rain clouds. This is why the monsoons aren’t a major hindrance for those who want to golf here.

There are certain other advantages to organising a Pattaya golfing trip in the rains:

  • If you are working on a modest travel budget, planning a trip during the monsoons is a great way to save money. It is off-peak season then and there is a dip in accommodation rates.
  • The courses are less crowded and you can decide when you want to play, without having to worry about too many golfers on the greens.
  • Regardless of the season, reputed resorts and hotels always provide a good experience to their guests. However, since there are fewer guests during the monsoons, you are assured of outstanding service, which is a distinct benefit.

Tips to Play Golf in the Rains

#1 Keep yourself dry

It’s true that this seems pretty obvious; however, keeping dry when it’s pouring is an art in itself. It’s important to be prepared and if you are travelling on a golf trip to Pattaya in the rains, carry a good-quality waterproof suit. Ensure it’s comfortable to wear, that there is enough room for your thermal garments and other layering, and that it doesn’t restrict your movement when you swing. The trousers should have lined pockets; they should also have adjustable leg vents – this makes it simpler to take them off mid-round, when you don’t need to wear them.

#2 Don’t forget your hat

About 80% of your body heat escapes via the top of your head; so it’s important to wear proper headgear like a woolly hat or cap while playing golf in the wet season.

#3 Spiked shoes

It’s definitely worth investing in a good pair of shoes – these should be preferably brown or black; white or two-tone shoes tend to discolour and fade very quickly. While most golf courses require that you wear soft spikes, metal spikes provide a much better grip. It’s a good idea to check with your tour operator whether metal spikes are permitted at the golf courses you are going to be playing at. If you are going to be wearing soft spikes, ensure that you also carry a stiff brush to clear the clog from them when you are on the greens, as grass and soil tend to get caught very easily in these.

#4 Spare towels & and gloves

Buy gloves made of synthetic material rather than ones made of leather as the latter tend to slip and get ruined very quickly. Carry a couple of spare gloves & a few small towels in your golf bag – this will help you keep your grips dry.

In addition, keep your golf bag dry too; the numerous zippered compartments can cause water to leak in and you may want to consider investing in a see-through, golf bag cover, so you can easily access your bag pockets and clubs.

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