5 Things to Consider While Planning Your Golfing Trip to Thailand

If you have planned to go on a corporate golfing trip to Pattaya, it really is a fantastic destination. Today, Pattaya is considered to be one of the top-most golfing spots and people from across the globe prefer to play golf here. Here are a few aspects you would have to take into account while planning your trip to this place:

Things to Consider On Your Pattaya Golf Trip

#1 Weather

This is probably one of the most important factors to keep in mind while planning your trip. You would need mild weather and sunshine to play this sport and if you travel during the monsoons, the wind, rain & lighting are going to be definite hurdles. It’s best to visit Pattaya during the summer.

Do not forget to carry sufficient sunscreen and hats and sunglasses too. Sunscreen that has a high SPF level (30-45), is the best choice; this is especially important in case you are more prone to burning. If you are travelling closer to the monsoon months, it’s a good idea to carry some waterproof clothing as well as some easy-drying clothing

#2 Food and water

No matter where you travel, if you are visiting another country and eating unknown foods or drinking unfiltered water; you should know that you are throwing yourself open to a host of ailments. Before you leave on your trip, visit your doctor and get him/her to prescribe some preventive medications as well as anti-diarrhoea medicines and antibiotics too.

When you are in Pattaya, make it a point to drink only bottled water, as there is always the risk of contracting water borne diseases. If you feel that getting bottled water might be a challenge, you can opt for water purifying drops or iodine tablets.

#3 Caddies/Golf Carts/Legs

When you are playing your game of golf, you have 3 different options, when it comes to moving from one hole to the next. At most golf courses in Pattaya, you have to hire caddies to carry your clubs and other things.

#4 Which golf courses should you be playing at?

This is something you don’t have too much control over. When you travel on a Package golf trip, the operator will generally have a fixed arrangement with some fixed clubs and you don’t really get to choose which ones you play at. However, it’s a good idea to check which courses they include in the tour. Ideally, they will take you to play at different courses, over the duration of your trip. Check with your tour operator whether you will have to pay any additional charges when you play at the different courses; and if yes, what they would be.

#5 Check other inclusions

The primary reason of going on golfing trip is to play golf and that’s why you make sure the tour operator is including good golf courses in the package. However, you would also want to do other things when you are there. This is why you should opt for a package that has some tourist spots visits or other visits to popular areas in the city, included in it.

Opt for custom golf tours

Choose your tour operator with care and ensure that you have complete details about the charges, the things that are included and aren’t, what your ground transport options will be etc. If you are travelling in a large group, most operators are willing to custom design the packages for you.

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