Some Things you Should be Considering While Buying Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are not only required but recommended for anyone that plays golf. While almost every golfer wears gloves, some prefer to remove their gloves when they are playing short-iron shots, as well as while putting; this helps them get a better “feel” of the clubface when it’s striking the ball.

Wearing a golf glove helps improve the grip as it is much tackier than your skin (especially in hot weather); it helps prevent your club from turning in your hand. In addition, these gloves also help create greater friction between your gloved hand and the grip; it makes them particularly useful for golfers who have loose grips.

Aspects to focus on

Since weather also plays a part in a golf game, you can use specialty gloves in unique situations. If you are planning a corporate golf trip to Pattaya and are revamping your golfing wardrobe and purchasing new gloves, this guide will help you choose the right ones. Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself while buying golf gloves:

#1 The hand you wear the glove on

You always wear a golf glove on your “opposite hand”. So, if you are right-handed, you will wear the glove on your left hand; contrastingly, if you are left-handed, you will wear the glove on your right hand. This is because the ‘top’ hand on your golf club is the lead hand, and it needs to have a good grip.

#2 Understand what a cadet glove is

Golf gloves are available in 2 main categories – Cadet and Regular. You can get the latter in women’s and men sizes and they are specifically designed for people with proportional hands. On the other hand, cadet golfing gloves are especially designed in men’s sizes for those who have wide palms and relatively short fingers.

When compared to a standard glove, the cadet glove is shorter and wider. You can find double-extra-large, extra-large, medium-large, medium as well as small sized gloves in both these categories. Some companies also have triple-extra-large sizes, if that’s what you need.

#3 Choose the right size

When you are trying a glove, opt for one that fits snugly but is still sufficiently loose and has room to permit you to move your hand with ease. The material that’s across the palm of your glove should be taut and not wrinkled and the glove should fit snugly on your fingers.

#4 The material

You can choose between synthetic, leather and hybrid gloves. Leather gloves are extremely supple and comfortable to wear. Synthetic golf gloves offer far better flexibility compared to ones made of leather and they are much more durable too. They too are flexible, and last longer than leather gloves, but the material isn’t breathable.

Many golf glove manufacturers use a combination of materials and it’s not uncommon to find gloves that are made with a combination of synthetic and genuine leather. These essentially offer the best of both worlds. They have leather in the fingers and palm & provide a very good grip. Synthetic material at the wear points and joints adds to the durability & flexibility of the glove.

Choosing the right golf trip tour operator

It’s a good idea to buy a good golf glove and other accessories to complement your golf attire before your golf trip. Research the products available in the market and buy everything well in advance. This will ensure there is no last minute rushing around for anything.

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