Thermal Apparel You Can Carry On Your Golf Trip To Pattaya

If you are travelling to Pattaya on a golfing trip anytime from November to February, you will find that the weather is pretty pleasant. While this is officially the winter season, the temperatures rarely drop to freezing point. In fact, even during the cooler months, the weather is largely cool to warm, while some days can be a little colder than others.

This typically happens when there is unprecedented rainfall and that results in a temperature drop. But a spot of cold weather shouldn’t be a deterrent to you heading for the greens, should it? If you are planning to golf in colder weather, you will have to focus on dressing appropriately; you would have to use a combination of thermal golf apparel and the right layering techniques.

The Layering Technique

Here is some information about the type of attire you may want to carry. There are certain principles you have to follow when you are layering for golf:

  • The first layer is for moisture wicking
  • The second layer has to provide warmth
  • The third layer offers protection from the wind

Base Layer (Battery-Operated)

This type of a base layer provides a good combination of warmth and moisture-wicking properties. This helps ensure you don’t feel constricted and bundled-up while you are playing. You are able to adjust the temperature in this layer and this clothing is made from stretchable and anti-bacterial fabric, so you don’t have to worry about sweat while you are hitting a shot.

Long Underwear Made Of Wool

These garments are made of Merino wool and are quite breathable, even as they provide you warmth. The wood long underwear is designed to prevent chafing which is a huge advantage while playing golf in lower temperatures.

Woollen Wind Sweater

If you wear tracksuits made of nylon, when you are on the greens, the swishing sounds of these garments can become a major distraction for the other players. You can don a woollen wind cheater instead; this will provide a very quiet and warm outer later, with absolutely no compromise on resistance. The wind protection lining inside the woollen wind sweater makes this possible.

Polypropylene sock liners

It’s never comfortable to play a round of golf with frozen feet, but it can be very uncomfortable to play a good game of golf wearing multiple pairs of socks to. Polypyrene sock liners are an excellent option and they help keep your toes and feet warm; aside from that, they also keep the soles of your feet very dry, without needing to wear golf shoes that are a size larger than your feet.

Battery-Heated Utility Gloves

Many golfers wear larger golf mitts to keep their hand warm when they are driving hole-to-hole; however, these aren’t a good option for swinging clubs. Wearing battery-heated utility gloves offer a good grip, create warmth and wind resistance.

Thermal Hats

While the Pattaya winter may not require that you wear thermal headgear, if you feel that you want to keep your head protected from the cold, these are a great option. These hats could be fleece or thermal lined and have a dry inner layer and a water-repellent outer one. They are a good option if you are planning to golf in the rains as well.

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