Effects Of Using the Incorrect Shaft Flex In Your Golf Clubs

The quality and fit of your golf clubs can have a big impact on your game. According to surveys conducted by various golfing publications, around 80% of golfers don’t get their clubs personally fitted and that doesn’t just have an impact on the quality of the game, but also creates bad habits. If you want to improve your game, you should consider investing in fitted clubs with the right amount of flex. Here are some reasons why this is necessary:

Shaft Flex is Too Stiff

Some golf clubs have stiff shafts that don’t flex well enough to the mechanics of your swing and its speed. If your golf shaft is too stiff, you might face the problems mentioned below:

  • If the shaft is too stiff, you won’t be able to get the best launch angle in your swing regardless of the loft in your club. That means your ball will fly closer to the ground and travel a shorter distance.
  • If the shaft doesn’t have enough flex, you won’t be able to achieve enough forward bending in the club upon impact with the ball. The face of the club will be too open during the collision with the ball, which would cause it to veer to the side and away from the target.
  • The hit to the ball won’t feel as solid as you desire it to be because a stiffer shaft will send different kinds of vibrations to your hands and confuse your senses.

If the Shaft is too Flexible

Flexible shafts have an impact on the quality of your game as well. If the shaft is too flexible, you will experience the following differences in your game:

  • When the shaft is too stiff, the ball flies lower and travels a shorter distance. Flexible shafts have the opposite effect as they cause the ball to rise higher and travel farther. This depends on the loft on the club as well. If you use the right loft, you’ll see a slight reduction in your maximum potential distance and have to compensate for that in your game. If you use too little loft, you might actually improve the launch angle and increase the distance your ball travels.
  • A flexible shaft will have more forward bend upon impact as the face will rotate a little past square. This will cause the ball to draw a little more so you will have to adjust your swing accordingly. This increased flexibility will come in handy if you slice or fade the ball because it will reduce the chances of misdirection.
  • You’ll feel stronger vibrations from the impact and the hit will feel more solid. This is because the flexible shaft will carry the vibrations more fluidly to your grip.

It’s better to purchase a shaft that’s a little too flexible than a shaft that’s a little too rigid. As you can see from the points mentioned above, a stiff shaft can compromise your game while a flexible one can improve it if you compensate enough. Most golfers have a swing speed of less than 160kph so a more flexible shaft will serve them well. If you truly want to improve your game, you should consider a personalised fitting.

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