When Is The Best Time To Organise a Golf Trip To Pattaya

Pattaya has visitors right round the year and while it does have distinct seasons, none of them are so extreme that they would deter a keen traveller. And so, you can organise a corporate golf trip to Pattaya at almost any time of the year and enjoy the beauty of the place and its lovely climate, no matter when you go there.

The spring and summer seasons are quite mild, and golfers from across the world head for this city’s greens at these times of the year. The wintertime is great too and the sun lends just the right amount of warmth to the cool wintry mornings as you head to the golf courses for a game.

As mentioned at the outset, the weather is quite pleasant for most of the year and you will find many people playing golf here. This type of weather also permits you to freely venture out and do spot of sightseeing once you have had your fill of golf. Pattaya has a number of places of interest and offers opportunities for leisure and fun activities. Learn more below on when the best time is to organise a golf trip to Pattaya.

Aim To Travel During Winter

Most regular travellers to Pattaya are of the opinion that winter is the most fulfilling time of the year to visit this vibrant city. During this time, you will be able to enjoy a number of outdoor activities without getting tired or dehydrated. Here is some additional information about the climate in Pattaya; this will help you plan your trip in a much better way:

November to February

This is the best time of the year to visit the city. During these months, the weather is neither too cold nor too hot and is pleasant enough to allow you to play golf comfortably and go out sightseeing when you feel like it. In fact, this is also when hordes of tourists descend on Pattaya and you will find that most of the popular tourist spots and golf courses are packed to the hilt.

Some days, you will be treated to bright sunshine, while on others; there may be some rain spells, that don’t last too long. If you are planning to travel to Pattaya during this season, you should connect with a credible travel agent well in advance and ensure you have booking and reservations for those dates. Most of the resorts and hotels are full during these months and the prices also tend to be much higher.

March to May

During these months, the weather becomes quite humid and hot, but that doesn’t deter enthusiastic tourists, and the crowds tend to pour in. The beaches and golf courses are extremely busy around this time, but not as much as they are during peak season. Don’t forget to carry plenty of sunscreen lotion, a hat and sunglasses.

June to October

This is the monsoon season in Pattaya and while the rains may not permit you to play golf in the carefree manner you would during the summer, it’s the quietest time of the year to be in Pattaya. The rains aren’t disruptive and you will find golfers heading out for a game despite the uncertain weather. The rain showers last for a short while after which it becomes sunny again. You will find that the hotel tariffs and everything else costs significantly less during this season. Ensure you pack the right gear if you are planning to golf in the rains.

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