The Appropriate Golfing Attire For Women

When playing golf at a public course you don’t have to be excessively concerned about what type of clothes you wear and it’s okay to wear anything that is comfortable and seems appropriate to you.

However, this isn’t acceptable at most semi-private, private or resort style golf courses, not just in Australia but in most places across the globe. And so, if you are planning on a golfing trip to Thailand, there may be some specific attire rules you would be required to adhere to when you are on the greens.

Some basic guidelines

Although the requirements might vary slightly among different courses, most of the dress codes are pretty much the same. Just as there is a golfing dress code for men, there is a certain dress code for women as well. Here are a few things you should keep in view if you are shopping for golfing attire for women:


At most golf courses, women are required to wear blouses with sleeves or collared, sleeveless blouses. The most commonly used top style for women; however, is the classic polo-style shirt. These types of tops come in a range of designs and colours including zip-top, button-down, and V-neck in both long and short sleeves. In addition to solid colours, you may also find these shirts in stripes, floral, geometric and other patterns and designs. Turtleneck tops are also commonly used by women golfers. Inappropriate tops while golfing include tank tops, halters and T-shirts.

Jackets & sweaters

Most golfers use layered attire when they are on the greens. If you are golfing on a cool day, you can pull on a sweater or vest over your polo shirt or turtleneck. On a particularly cold day, you can wear a light jacket, a wind shirt or even a button-down shirt as another layer, for additional covering. Sweatshirts and denim jackets are unacceptable and frowned upon on golf courses.


If you are travelling to Thailand in spring or even in fall (when it rains), slacks can be your attire of choice on the golf course. If you happen to go golfing on a particularly rainy day, you may want to consider wearing shorts, crops or capris. Any shorter pants you wear on the greens must be at least knee length or a little longer.

The other popular piece of clothing for women golfers is skorts; these are shorts with an additional flap on top that make them appear like a skirt. Sweats, athletic pants, sun dresses and jeans are all considered to be improper golfing attire for women.

Head Covering

Thailand can be quite hot in the summertime and if that’s when your corporate golfing trip has been planned, you would need to wear either a visor or cap to keep the sun out of your eyes. You will find hats in an array of a fabrics, colours and styles which can be a lot of fun. Crocheted hats, straw hats and designer hats are only some of the options available.

Footwear and socks

In Thailand, almost all golf courses require you to wear golf shoes. In addition, most courses won’t permit you to wear shoes with metal spikes, so look for ones with non-metal spikes. If you are wearing longer pants, the shoes can be paired with crew socks to match the pants you are wearing.

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