Thai Foods You Should Savour On Your Golf Trip to Pattaya

When you are on a corporate golfing trip to Pattaya, you are sure to be focused on playing at the best greens. But the city has a lot to offer, apart from some of the best golf courses in the world. Pattaya is known for its night life and entertainment quotient and it’s known for its exquisite and tantalising cuisine too.

There are 4 main regions in Thailand; and each one has its own specific food specialities. Here we try to cover some of the most popular Thai foods you should try while on your trip to Pattaya:

Thai curries

There is a large variation in Thai curries. You can try the strong and hot red curry that’s made from a very red chilli paste. Alternatively, you can also try the much lighter variants such as Nam Prik pau. This is much sweeter and is a perfect complement to shellfish. The green curry which is very popular, is sweet and has green peas and tomatoes in it. In comparison to all these, the yellow curry is quite mild and goes well with almost all meats, shellfish and fish. The other curry is Jungle Curry, which is a dark and spicy curry with some uncommon local vegetables and extremely strong tastes in it.

Thai Soup

  • Thailand’s iconic dish is the Tom Yum Soup; it is a blend of chilli and lemon flavours and has mushrooms and chicken broth.
  • The Tom Ka Khai soup is essentially a light coconut & chicken broth soup that’s very popular with children.
  • Geng Liang is a very light soup that’s made from a vegetable broth base and has egg in it.

Thai Rice

The rice in Thailand is very aromatic, has a fine taste and is long and thin grained. This complements a large percentage of Thai dishes and is integral to Thai cuisine.

  • You should try Khao Tom which is a rice soup that has chicken, fish, shellfish & more. Jok soup is Khao Tom for babies above a certain age.
  • Chicken Rice (Khao Man Gai) – this chicken rice is extremely popular across Thailand. It is rice that’s been boiled with a very minuscule quantity of garlic, ginger and oil and is served on the side with meat, chicken or pork. It’s also spiced with sweet a chilli sauce, chicken broth raw garlic, soy sauce and coriander. While this is more of a breakfast dish, it’s served right through the day.

Thai Sweets

While some Thai food can be quite spicy, there are a number of Thai sweets that balance out that spiciness, such as:

  • Many desserts are made using Coconut and you will also find a large number of sweets with a fruit flavouring. Typically, these are served with fruit syrup and crushed ice.
  • The morning dessert made with mashed banana and sticky rice and covered with a banana leaf is a very popular sweet dish served with tea or coffee.
  • If you are in Pattaya anytime from November right through to April, you should try the seasonal Mango Stick Rice. This is served with coconut milk and is utterly delectable.

In addition to all the foods we just mentioned, you should also try Thai snacks such as Bai Krapaow; this has very strong holy basil content and is a spicy, fried snack. Noodle dishes such as Koitio Nam, Pad Thai and Khao Soi are also a must-try. You should make it a point to try Thai salads; these are a unique, spicy dishes made with a combination of crunchy vegetables or fruit, fish sauce, nut and chilli.

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