The Team Building Aspect of a Corporate Golf Trip

Most companies have regular team building programs for their employees. It helps break the monotony in the workplace and gives employees the chance to bond with their colleagues in a more casual setting. Some corporates hire consulting companies to conduct these team building sessions; however, it isn’t too difficult to conduct your own exercises whenever possible.

You know your company culture and people very well, and this puts you in a good position to plan effective team building programs. You can organise exercises and include some sports activity into the effort. Some people wonder whether it’s a good idea to use sports for team building. Not every game is suitable for this purpose, but golf is one sport that offers plenty of opportunities to reinforce team building concepts; and non-golfers can participate and benefit from this too. Here are some things you would have to focus on:


It’s not uncommon for companies to organise team building exercises at their office premises or at some venue in the same city. However, the effectiveness of team building exercises leans heavily on the location that’s been chosen for this purpose; and this is something you should consider carefully.

Pattaya has become the most preferred golf destination – not just for individuals but for many companies in Australia as well. The complete change of scene does wonders for the morale of the employees and becomes a refreshing change from the surroundings they are typically used to. Since you will be going there specifically for the team building program, you should speak with your corporate golf tour operator about certain requirements:

  • Tell them to look for courses that have nine-holes and short holes. If the course is bigger, the group might just get tired since many may not be used to it.
  • Ensure there is a restaurant at the golf club since there will be a larger group playing on the greens, you might end up spending longer hours there and would have to ensure that the place also serves lunches and meals.
  • You might want to look for a club that has meeting rooms, as these may be required to reinforce the learning from the team building exercises.
  • The clubs you play at should be able to provide golfing clubs on rent.
  • If the place you are playing at has a putting green/driving range, the non-golfers can learn some basics of the game even as the golfers start tuning-up.

Play style

Generally, your team will have people with varying golfing skill levels. Interestingly, even in a work setting, you will have employees that have different skill levels and this is what makes golf a very suitable team building exercise. You can play Scramble Stroke as this accommodates team members with varying skill levels. In golf scramble, all the employees hit each spot.

They will then decide which one is the best shot and the next shot will also be hit from that same spot. They continue with this till the point the ball is in the hole. In stroke play, the number of times that the ball has been hit by the team is counted; the team that has the lowest total is the winner.

This particular play style allows each team member contribute in their own way and each person feels valued as they contribute in some way; this is the exact same spirit you like to imbibe in them when they are at their workplace. While the non-golfers could be very good at chipping or putting, the expert golfers will end up hitting the best drives.

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