Signs You Are Using the Wrong Golf Club

If you have a golf trip to Pattaya planned, you may want to hone your game a bit before you head for the greens with your colleagues. The other way to improve your game is to correct things that may be impacting your game. Here, we talk about a few small tactics that will show noticeable and quick changes and some signs that you are using the wrong golf club:

#1 Your Loft Is a Little Off

The same driver or loft doesn’t work for everyone. A good loft is primarily designed to maximise your distance. Any average driver that’s available on the market ranges between a 4 & 20-degree loft. There are a few things you would have to do to determine which loft would benefit your golf game the most.

The first thing to do is to estimate the speed at which you actually swing your driver, and the club you use while hitting any 150 yard shot. If you are using a 6-iron, the driver’s club head speed is typically in the range of 135-to 152 kmph. The next thing to do is to try out a club on the basis of the speed test conducted by you.

If your club heads speed under 135 kmph, you would have to use a loft angle that’s between 14-20 degrees. On the other hand, if your speed is higher than that, you should try a loft that’s between 4 to 7 degrees. Next just compare how the drivers that are within the right loft range feel. Even the smallest alteration can go a long way in improving your game.

#2 Perfect Your Spin

It can be quite challenging to add a good spin on your wedge shots. However, if you want to get this right, you first need to focus on the right technique and use the right equipment. Firstly, ensure that the club you are using is proportionate to your body weight. You should ideally be keeping your body leaning towards your target and your weight on your front leg.

Judge what your impact position is, in the mirror. The shaft should be properly angled towards the target and your left wrist should also be ahead of the ball. Typically, your right back knee should be pointing ahead of your ball. In addition, the face of the club should hit the ball before it hits the turf.

#3 Find The Right Grip

The only section of the club that comes in contact with your hands is the grip. Every golf player knows exactly how important it is to find the right grip as most of the mechanical errors that occur are caused by this particular issue. Many players use custom club fittings, but they also tend to overlook the grip. In most cases, a quick hand measurement does the trick.

However, some people find that having a larger or smaller grip benefits their game in a better way. For instance, if you lack strength, a larger grip will demand much less grip pressure. Many women golfers tend to use the wrong-sized grips. This is because most manufacturers end up making undersized grips on ladies’ golfing clubs. Look for a club that has a grip size that matches your strength level.

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