First Time on a Golf Course – Quick Tips on How to Grip a Golf Club

If you are going on a corporate golf trip to Pattaya, but aren’t an expert at the game, you may be interested in some tips and techniques on how to handle a gold club and play the game. Gripping the club in the right manner is one of the most important aspects of playing golf as it is the only point at which you connect with the golf club.

The golf grip is typically a two-part process. You should put your top hand (lean hand) at the grip end of your golf club; then put your bottom hand (trailing hand) ahead of it.

Here, we will look at the first part of the process

When you place your hands correctly on your golf club, it helps you get very good control of the clubface’s position, at impact. When you swing, your body also turns to create a certain amount of power. Since your body rotates when you swing, it’s important that the club also rotate at the same rate. In simple words, your body and club have to turn in tandem.

When you have a very sound grip while swinging the club, it helps create feel and power, simultaneously. Your wrist action is your power source and when you grip the club too deep in your palm, it has a negative impact on your wrist action. Placing your club in your fingers instead of in your palm, gives you greater wrist hinge and you will be able to swing better, get more feel and make longer tee shots.

Steps to follow

Once of the commonest errors that novice golfers make is that they have a weaker lead hand and their grip is too much in their palm. This tends to produce a shot which slices; and it and it lacks power too. If you want to grip your club for accuracy & power, here are some simple steps you can follow:

  • As mentioned earlier, hold the club more in your fingers, rather than in your palms.
  • Hold your club approximately 3 feet in the air, just in front of your body. Keeping the clubface square, now place your club at a comfortable angle through your fingers.
  • Your club should also rest above the 1st joint of your index finger and be touching the base of your little finger.
  • Place your club in your fingers at an angle and towards the back-face of the shaft (if you are a right–handed player).
  • In the address position, look down at your grip; if you are holding the club correctly, you should ideally be able to see the knuckles of your middle & index fingers of your top hand.
  • Aside from this, you should also be able to see the “V” that’s created by the forefinger & thumb of your lead hand. The “V” should be pointing towards your right shoulder.

These small tips should help you home your swing technique and get more power in to it. You can practice your golfing skills at some local greens where you live, before you head out on your office golfing trip.

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