Plan Your Corporate Golfing Trip With This Basic Pattaya Guide

If you are travelling to Pattaya, you must be curious to learn more about it and will surely find a lot of information online. But you may also notice that most of the information is scattered and you would have to wade through pages of information on different sites to get a more robust view of what the city is like. We have assimilated some information that will hopefully give you a better picture of what Pattaya is like.

When you are travelling via an organised tour, there are many things that the tour operator will manage for you like transport, accommodation, your golfing games, and sightseeing etc. But having this information about Pattaya will give you a better idea of what to expect while you are there.

What to expect while in Pattaya

#1 The beach destination

Pattaya is undoubtedly a beach destination, and you will find stunning beaches everywhere; some of these are crowded and filled with tourists while others that are a distance away from the main city are quieter and become the perfect place to unwind in solitude if that’s what you want. Most of the well-frequented beaches also offer a number of water sports activities that you can indulge in during your visit to the sandy shores.

#2 The best time to visit Pattaya

The city can be enjoyed during any season, but if you are looking to travel when the skies are clear and the sun is shining bright, you should avoid September as well as October, because that’s when the rain Gods shower their blessings on the region. If you are looking to avoid the teeming crowds, you may just want to avoid long holiday weekends, when hoards of locals from Bangkok descend upon Pattaya. Check with your tour operator about which time of the year would work best for your trip.

#3 Where to Stay

There are two markedly different parts of the city; and so when you are thinking about where to stay, you have to first decide the location: Pattaya city or Jomtien. There are a large number of hotels in Central Pattaya, and that’s also where the main shopping district and nightlife is. Jomtien, on the other hand, lies to the south of Pattaya and is a less busy place. It has some good resorts, hotels, and restaurants, but they can’t hold a candle to the ones in Pattaya.

#4 Getting around the city

If you are doing some sightseeing on your own you will find very few metered taxis in the city, but not too many. The songtaew is the most common mode of transportation in Pattaya; it’s a light pick-up truck that has benches mounted parallel to each other, on either side of its bed; and these vehicles work like buses. They charge a flat fee and can be used for trips within Pattaya or between Pattaya and Jomtien.

#5 Places to Visit and Things to Do

As mentioned earlier, Pattaya’s beaches offer plenty of opportunities for indulging in water sports. But there are various cultural icons that you can visit; you can visit museums and the Sanctuary of Truth, the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, The Ramayana Water Park, Anek Kuson Sala, Walking Street, The Floating Market and more.


Thailand’s currency is the “Baht”. Hotels and large shops and hotels accept major credit cards, but most business establishments prefer to be paid in hard cash in Pattaya.

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