How to Pack the Right Clothing For Your Corporate Golf Trip to Pattaya

Golf is one sport that doesn’t challenge you to jump, run or perform any other over-active moves. That’s probably why it’s possible to get a little flexible with golf attire styles. It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that golf clothing can be quite elegant and stylish compared to say football or cricket attire.

Despite this, it’s important that you focus on the practical aspect while picking golf clothes. If you are slated to go on a corporate golf trip to Pattaya, you are sure to want the right attire. Here are some tips that will help you shop for the right type of golf clothes.

One of the first things you should check on is whether the golfing greens you are going to be playing at, have a dress code (most golf clubs do). Your tour operator will be able to furnish this information or you can source it from the club’s website. Here is a quick golf attire guide for men and women – it will help you make the right choices of clothing for your golf trip:

Golfing attire for men

  • Conservative styles are very common when it comes to men’s golfing attire. However, you can always wear shirts and jackets of different colours and fabrics.
  • Ensure that the shirts and jackets you are buying are comfortable and allow you to move comfortably.
  • Stylish golf polo shirts are the safest bet and you can pair these with a good golfing jacket, sweater or vest, depending on which season you are travelling to Pattaya.
  • Zippered windbreakers/fleece vests are more modern clothing options.
  • Buy well-made, stylish and comfortable golfing pants that don’t impede your movement

Golfing attire for women

  • Women can wear sleeveless blouses (collared), or blouses that have sleeves and collars.
  • Many women who golf prefer wearing the golf polo shirt; these are available in various colours and styles including zip-top, V-neck and button-down; there are long sleeve and short sleeve variants to choose from.
  • Turtleneck tops are considered acceptable golfing attire as well.
  • If you are going to be in Pattaya when the weather is cooler, you can wear a sweater, turtleneck sweater or a vest over the polo shirt.
  • For additional covering, a wind shirt or a light jacket are good options.
  • Sweatshirts and denim jackets are not appropriate golfing attire.
  • When it comes to pants, capris or crops are a good option. The shorter pants should ideally be of knee length/longer.
  • Many women choose to wear skorts (these are a mix of a skirt & shorts).
  • Golf dresses are another popular option.


Both men and women can wear spiked or cleated golf shoes or even spikeless golf shoes. Golf boots are another option. If you are playing golf in the summer, you may choose to wear golf sandals, though these aren’t very widely used by golfers. When you are wearing golf shoes, wear cotton socks or ones made of moisture-wicking materials.

You can accessorise your attire with caps, visors and hats etc. You will also find a number of designer golf caps and you can see which options suit your styling best. Regardless of what kind of golf attire or the accessories you are buying, the main aspect you should be looking for is comfort.

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