Nightlife in Da Nang Vietnam – What to See and What to Do

A former French Colony, Da Nang is now a popular tourist hot spot in Vietnam. It’s the largest city in the central region of Vietnam and has a very important port. The city has a wealth of natural and architectural beauty, including white beaches, the Marble Mountains in the backdrop, and the almost perfectly crescent-shaped bay. However, if you want to do something other than site-seeing, you can go bar-hopping.

Da Nang has a very active, highly versatile nightlife that would entertain even the most experienced club-hopper. There are several clubs, restaurants, and bars here that would let you have a blast. Here are some of the best nightlife haunts in Da Nang.

Sky 36

Located in Hai Chau District, this club is the highest bar in Vietnam. The moment you settle in, you’re greeted with an electric vibe, a great mix of local and international guests, some excellent cocktails, and spectacular views. As it sits on top of the Novotel Premier Danang Han River building, you get the full, panoramic view of the city. The price of the drinks is reasonable and the food available is delicious. The club also remains open for well into the night. Although the club doesn’t support binge drinking. The operation hours are from 6 pm to 2 am.

Perdu – Cocktail Bar

If you want a slightly laid back and relaxing experience, Perdu might be the club for you. The bar has a very comfortable ambience. The drinks are great and are reasonably priced, the music is soft and soothing, and the lighting is dark and quite. In all, this is a bar that would help you relax, and let you enjoy your drink in peace.

The best part about this bar is that it’s very authentic. It’s owned by a musician and the bartender can mix great drinks. In all this would be a great experience for anyone wishing for a break from the general noise and energy of other clubs.

Phuong Dong Club

If you’re looking for something more energetic, the New Phuong Dong would be just the right club for you. The music here is loud, the lights are bright and flashing, and it has great drinks. Some guests did feel that the club was on the pricier side, but most have admitted that the experience was great. The service in this club is great and the ambience is lively. This is a place you’d go to if you want to party and have fun.

Golden Pine Pub

You know what they say about the locals knowing the best about their country? Well, this particular club is a favourite amongst the local population. The atmosphere is rich and lively, and the people here are very welcoming. From crazy parties to mock pool table battles, this club has it all. This is the club to visit if you want a break from the normal tourist traps.

Camel Club

Another well-known local haunt, Camel Club is a place for rocking parties, dancing, and loud music. The club opens at 7 pm and stays open until 1 am. On the weekends, you’ll find this place absolutely packed with local youth and that lends the establishment an electric vibe that’s hard to replicate. This is definitely a club to visit if you want to spend the better part of your night having a blast.

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