Money Saving Tips For Your Visit to Thailand

If you are planning your first trip to Thailand, you must have conducted some research about the country, its culture and traditions, the cities to visit, the dos and don’ts in the country and more. If you are travelling in a group and are on a corporate golfing trip, the tour organiser will manage all the aspects of the trip including your accommodation and food, the golf courses you will be playing at etc.

They will also organise local sightseeing trips on some of the days and will provide you tips and information about how much things will cost there when you are out shopping and sightseeing. But we thought that it’s a good idea to give you some basic information about the costs of different things so you can save money. Here are a couple of money saving tips for your visit to Thailand.

#1 Accommodation

Thailand isn’t an expensive country; while Bangkok as well as the southern islands are pricier than the north, you can easily find some reasonably-priced guesthouses in the cities as well as the countryside. However, accommodation in the bigger cities like Bangkok can be on the higher side of the scale.

Pattaya has become a very popular tourist and golfing destination and people from across the world head for this city. While you can get cheap accommodation in certain parts of the city, the better hotels and resorts can be expensive. Most of these hotels offer discounts for group bookings and you will be able to stay at good hotels at a reasonable price when you are on your corporate golfing trip. Bungalows on the beaches are more expensive as are the larger, high-end resorts.

#2 Food

All cities and towns in Thailand offer varied cuisines and you will find an amazing variety of street foods at very low prices. If you decide to rely only on street food you can eat very cheaply in Pattaya and the markets are choc-a-bloc with fresh veggies and fruits if that’s what you want. When you are travelling to Pattaya on a corporate golfing tour, you won’t have to worry about meals as those would generally be included in the tour cost.

#3 Transport

Transportation in Pattaya and the rest of Thailand is quite cheap and you can easily travel by the local buses, the Skytrain or the metro very cheaply. The Tuk-tuks don’t run on meters and they are more expensive than standard public transport; you can opt for motorbike taxis for the shorter trips – the prices for these are negotiable. The other forms of transport are boats and trains which are a little more expensive than the buses and metro.

#4 Tourist activities

Since there are a number of different activities to indulge in, the costs for them vary greatly. Depending on the activity you will pay either more or less for your day tours. The entrance fees to the parks and museums can be higher if you are a non-Thai.

You can always ask your tour operator for more detailed information about the costs of different things in Pattaya. The costs of accommodation, food and activities also vary according to tourist seasons.

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