Pattaya – Some Little Known Facts

Amongst other things, Pattaya is known for its expansive sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife and people from across the globe choose to make the city their vacation destination. Here are some little-known facts about this exotic city; these facts will help you add more enjoyment and fun to your visit:

Some little known facts about Pattaya

#1 Pattaya wasn’t even a city

Up until three decades ago, Pattaya was no more than a deserted beach. This is very difficult to imagine today when you see all the glitzy and glamorous nightclubs and luxurious resorts, hotels, and bars. It was only after the Indo-China war that took place in the 1800s that Pattaya developed into one of Thailand’s most popular destinations. The city was originally called Tappaya and the name Pattaya is only a few years old.

#2 It isn’t a province

When you take the size of Pattaya and the number of people that live here, into consideration, you might feel that it’s the main administrative city of this province – the fact is, it isn’t. Pattaya is actually part of the Chonburi Province (one of 77 provinces in Thailand). Over the years, the tourist industry bloomed here and the mushrooming of nightclubs, hotels, and vacation resorts led to the steady growth of the city – it is now even bigger than Chonburi City.

#3 Excellent diving spots

Even when you are on your corporate golfing vacation here, you would want to explore the places of interest in and around Pattaya. The city has some stunning diving sites. Just about 30 minutes from the sea shore, there are a number of small rock pinnacles, shipwrecks, and reefs that offer excellent diving opportunities. Many people visit Pattaya for courses to get their PADI certifications.

#4 A multitude of beer bars

It’s a known fact that the city has a large number of beer bars. What most people don’t know is that there are almost 1500-2000 bars scattered across the city. Even if you visit just one bar every day, it would take you more than 4 years to cover all of them.

#5 Thailand’s 3rd tallest building is here

You will notice that Pattaya has an impressive skyline dotted with towering skyscraper. The Reflection Jomtien Beach Oceanfront Tower is the tallest building in this city. It stands on the Jomtien beach and towers to a height of 234 meters, and is ranked as Thailand’s 3rd tallest city. From this high altitude, you can see as far as Sattahip & Sri Racha. This is a residential building that has luxurious apartments and penthouses.

#6 The dream golfing destination

Today, there are 23 golf greens in and around Pattaya and many individuals visit the city especially for golfing vacations. Many corporates organise golf trips for their employees and Pattaya has grown in popularity as the golf destination of choice.

In most western countries, golf continues to be an elitist sport and golf club memberships are too pricey for the common man. However, golf in Pattaya is extremely affordable and that has added to the popularity of the place and turned it into the golf vacation destination, it is today.

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