Learning More About Golf Etiquette

Almost every sport has its own set of rules and guidelines that only the insiders seem to know and understand. These guidelines often dictate the way one player interacts with others. There are often unspoken rules that you should follow if you really want to be a part of the community. Golf has these informal rules and guidelines as well. Following them will also allow you to easily become a part of the golfing community in general and ensure that you don’t step on any toes.

At Pattaya Golf Trips, we’ve put together a small article for you that would explain the basics. We can’t list them all here but we recommend that you keep your eyes and ears open and ask for advice from experienced golfers if you need it.

#1 Warm-Up

You should be ready for the game when it starts. Warming up with some light stretches and practice swings will help. You should also sort through your irons and woods and make sure that they’re in order. Give yourself time to do these tasks by arriving a little early at the golf course.

#2 The Pace

If you’re playing on an empty course and no one is waiting for their turn behind you, taking your time and really planning the shot won’t hurt anyone. However, it’s not good golf etiquette to take our own sweet time to get from one hole to another and play the shot slowly. That would frustrate people who are to play after you. Always play your game at a very reasonable pace. If you feel like you need time for a particular shot, allow the person behind you to take the shot while you plan.

#3 Damage

Any experienced golfer knows that the green can be easily damaged during the play. You should consider repairing the ground you’ve played on. Carry a small tool with you to remove ball marks and replace divots. You should also rake bunkers and make sure that the sand is even. That would prepare the ground for the next player.

#4 Silence is Golden

You can speak when you’re walking from one hole to another. That’s a good time to communicate with your fellow players and discuss the game. However, it’s important to keep quite when the game is on. You shouldn’t make any noise when your fellow players are preparing to putt. That would distract them and cause them to hit a bad shot. That’s just bad etiquette. Allow your fellow players to breathe and feel the shot; simply observe the game without speaking.

#5 Mind the Temper

It’s not uncommon for people to feel frustrated and angry if a game is going badly. In fact, small displays of temper are quite common on the green. However, that doesn’t mean you should allow it to go unbridled. You shouldn’t yell, shout, argue with your fellow players, or engage in quarrels. All disputes need to be resolved quietly and calmly when you’re on the green. If you find you can’t do that, it’s a good idea to take a small break and calm yourself.

There are several other such rules and etiquettes of golf that you should know. There are reliable websites out there that explain golfing etiquette in detail. The PGA website, for example, has some information on golf etiquette. It is your responsibility to learn.

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