Is Songkran a Good Time For A Corporate Golfing Trip To Pattaya?

When Songkran descends on Pattaya you have a few options before you – You either just hole yourself up for those days, leave Pattaya or simply stay back and enjoy the experience. If you are planning on a golfing trip to Pattaya in April, it would be a good idea to check with your tour operator whether your trip dates coincide with the Songkran.

This festival is celebrated across Thailand as a national holiday and every city has an individual flavour for it. But if you do happen to find yourself in Pattaya during this festival and want to avoid the melee and din, there are some hideaways very close to Pattaya that you can easily escape to.

Best place to go during Songkran

#1 Koh Samet

It takes less than 3 hours to get from Pattaya to Koh Samet and it’s relatively hassle-free and easy, which makes it a great place to escape Pattaya’s Songkran festivities. While Songkran is celebrated by the locals here as well, you won’t encounter rowdy crowds hurling ice cold water at passers-by. Since most out-of-towners that head to the beach resorts in this place are also trying to get away from the craziness, you will find the place is considerably saner than Pattaya.

#2 Koh Mak

This place lies around 20 kilometres from Koh Chang and is truly the ultimate hideaway; you won’t find any milling crowds and absolutely no nightlife either. You can relax on the sandy beaches and just enjoy the peace and tranquillity. The coconut and rubber plantations become the perfect backdrop for the calm ocean. This place also has a very wide choice of accommodation and you are sure to find something to fit into your budget.

When you should leave Pattaya

Pattaya has quite a long & drawn out Songkran period. While the official New Year “Songkran” in Thailand stretches from April 13th-April 15th, the different sub-districts and districts across the country celebrate their own specific Songkran at staggered periods. In Pattaya, this is officially celebrated on 19th, but the locals begin to celebrate the festival around the 11th and it disrupts all the main nightlife and tourist zones.

If you are in Pattaya on the 13th, you will notice revellers pouring onto the streets in hoards to drench in each other in water. From this point on, commuting and getting around the city will become almost impossible and you definitely stand the risk of getting drenched as well. The water fights only get more intense by the 18th and 19th and so if you want to avoid all the mayhem, you should aim to get out of Pattaya by the 11th and return only on the 20thm by which time things will have gotten back to normalcy somewhat.
The best way to enjoy the festival

If you are curious and interested in being a part of that festival its best to look for hotel room that overlooks the main areas of Pattaya and you can watch the entire spectacle from above. The reason most visitors to Pattaya prefer to leave the city during the New Year festivities is because the crowds are simply too boisterous and the streets are teeming with people.

Most businesses shut down during this period and it becomes very difficult to get around the place; the only option you are left with in these circumstances is to stay indoors, which isn’t fun at all. This is why the option of getting out of town is far better.

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