Is it a Requirement To Wear Golfing Shoes on Pattaya’s Golf Courses?

Almost everyone that’s past the beginner’s phase of golf owns a pair (or more) of golf shoes. But do you really need to wear golf shoes when you are playing the game? Well, it’s not really a requirement and you can also wear cross trainers, running shoes, tennis shoes or any other shoes you like as long as the turf doesn’t get damaged by them. It’s also very rare to find golf courses that make it mandatory to wear golf shoes. Most golf clubs in Pattaya are no different.

Golf Shoes Aren’t a Requirement

It’s a good idea to wear golf shoes as they are specially engineered to prevent your feet from sliding when you are swinging your club. This means that a pair of golf shoes that fit you well will keep your feet from moving around inside the shoes and they won’t slide out during a swing as well.

A golf swing tends to exert rotational, lateral and downward pressure on your feet; and so when you use golfing shoes that are specifically designed for the game, it helps keep your feet in place and handle those forces well.

The Style Quotient

From a stylistic viewpoint, golf shoes have come a very long way over the last 20 years. Sure, you will still find many that have the typical retro look with leather & tassels and ones with B&W wingtips and many people consciously opt for these. However, you will also find golf shoes in different colours and styles; some of them are distinctly athletic in styling while others have a very interesting street style.

In fact, some companies also manufacture golf shoes that are in a sandal/moccasin style and there are a number of shoe style options for women too. Aside from the style factor, golf shoes have also become much more comfortable than they used to be and there is a wide price range to choose from, including some inexpensive ones. If you are just a beginner and don’t want to invest in expensive shoes, you are sure to find something to match your requirements. You can source these shoes either from online or physical shoe stores.

We would like to reiterate here that while most golf courses in Pattaya will have a certain dress code, the focus isn’t too much on golfing shoes. It’s a good idea to check with your golf trip operator as to what kind of attire and shoes are acceptable at the courses you will be playing at on your trip to Pattaya. They will be able to provide you all the information you need.

Look For Good Options

If you are playing golf for the first time on your corporate golfing trip to Pattaya, look for something sturdy and inexpensive. Once you get a hang of the game and are sure you are going to pursue it, you can then invest in more expensive golfing footwear.

If you don’t want to spend on golfing shoes at all, riffle through your closet and find a comfortable pair of shoes that have good rubber soles with bumps/ridges. These are a good alternative to wearing special golfing shoes.

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