Interesting Pattaya Golf Facts

Each year, almost 400,000 people from across the globe head to Thailand, especially to play golf. They all have found that Thailand offers a very unique experience to golfers. They are able to very effectively combine the  activity they enjoy the most, with traveling across an exotic and beautiful country that is known as the ‘Golf capital of Asia’.

Thailand has almost 280 golf courses that are spread across in various regions. Many people have heard tales about Thailand and feel it has a dubious reputation – however, that is a fallacy. Any person that visits the country realises that all these are nothing but myths and that the country can offer an avid golfer an amazing experience.

Some facts

A large percentage of the total golfing visitors that travel to Thailand, head for Pattaya and it is one of the most preferred golf tour destinations in the country. Here are some interesting Pattaya golf facts:

  • There are a large number of courses in Pattaya and these provide a very varied and wide choice to golf enthusiasts; this ensures an excellent test for different abilities. The sport is also extremely affordable in Pattaya. While there are definitely some very expensive clubs in the country, there are resorts and golf clubs that offer fantastic value for money.
  • Many people feel that golf can be played in Pattaya only in the high season which is from November – February. The fact is that people head for this city at any time of the year, and the winter months are the best time to play golf here. However, you will be able to find excellent hotel accommodation deals.Apart from this, the greens are considerably quieter in the summer months; and many companies from Australia organise golf tours to Pattaya at this time as they get significant discounts. It’s true that the frequent showers might throw your game out of gear a bit, but these tend to be very short-lived and won’t bring your golf game to a halt.
  • You don’t really need any documents to begin a round of golf or make a booking at most of the golf courses in Pattaya. In any case, when you have a tour operator making all the arrangements, you don’t really have to worry about all these technicalities.
  • Most of the golf courses provide beautiful and stunning views of the sea and beaches and you will find these are very accessible when you aren’t playing a game at the greens. In the close vicinity of your resorts, you will find lush tropical forests and azure blue seas.
  • At most golf courses, it’s mandatory to hire caddies from the club and you will also find that most of the caddies are women. They are extremely knowledgeable about the game and know the courses they work at, very well. They are very proactive and provide advice on things like reading the greens as well as the lie of the fairways, and many of them like playing golf too.
  • In most of the golfing destinations around the globe, golfers play either in fours or pairs. However, in Pattaya, as in the rest of Thailand, it’s pretty common to find 6 people playing together.

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