How To Travel Safely When You Are in Thailand

Overall, Thailand is a safe country to travel in. Crimes and physical attacks aren’t as prevalent as they are in many other developed countries. While it’s important to be aware of your personal safety and surroundings when you are travelling here (just as you would in Australia), you also need to use common sense and presence of mind while moving around the country.

Some basic safety considerations

#1 Accommodation

Since your corporate golfing tour will be organised by a tour operator, they will make sure the accommodation arrangements are made in safe hotels or private resorts. However, it’s still a good idea to conduct a quick security check in your room when you first check in. Check whether the safety chain or bolt lock and peep-holes are working.

Find out where the emergency exit/s is and whether there are smoke alarms in your room as well as in the hallways that lead to the individual rooms. Also check whether the windows that open to the exterior of the building have functional locking mechanisms. Keep your room door locked at all times and always use the spy-hole as well as the safety door chain before attempting to open the door to anyone.

#2 Don’t leave any valuables in your room

Many travellers simply hide/lock their money and other valuables in suitcases; but that is never a good idea. Things like cash, your passport, cameras, laptop etc. should ideally be stored in the safe provided in the room. Most hotels and resorts will also give you the option to store these things in their main safety box that is generally located in the hotel reception. Even when you are going down to the restaurant for breakfast or are going to be away from the room for a short span of time, it’s important that you either carry all these important things with you or keep them locked in the safe in your room.

#3 Keep the hotel name and address handy at all times

Most hotels and resorts offer business cards that are Thai as well as English. It’s a good idea to keep one with you in case you are unable to clearly communicate the destination to a taxi driver. If the hotel’s cards are written only in English, request a staff member to write the contact details on a card in the Thai language for you.

#4 Beaches and swimming

Never frequent any deserted beach areas. Ensure there is someone around to see or hear you in case an emergency arises or you need some assistance. Topless and nude bathing aren’t looked upon kindly in Thailand. Unfortunately, lack of modesty can easily be misinterpreted by the locals as an open statement of immodesty and lack of morals; so be aware of how you dress when you are at a beach. Most beaches in Thailand don’t have any lifeguards present.

Be aware of the posted signs indicating areas of undertow, areas of rip current, no swimming areas, and generally where swimming is dangerous. It’s never a good idea to swim alone either. Do not strike out alone for a night walk along isolated or dimly-lit sea shores at night. The busier areas may have nuisances such as muggers, drunks and prostitutes, so that is something you should be looking out for.

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