Get Your Golf Clothes Layering Right On Your Pattaya Golf Trip

A lot is said and written about golf clothing and what can be considered appropriate golf attire. The aspect to be kept in view here is that the clothes and accessories you wear while golfing should help you look good; but they should also keep you warm, dry, alert and fresh. Today, golfers are no longer restricted to wearing heavyweight clothing when the weather plays truant.

There are a number of new and highly advanced fabric technologies that are used to design and manufacture high performance golf-specific garments. Using the right combination allows you to play your game optimally, regardless of what the external conditions are – this is referred to as layering.

Generally, 3 layers are considered to be the best option – these are the base layer and the mid layer that will be dependent on either the cold/warm conditions and then the outer layer. Here is some more information about getting your golf clothes layering right and what these include:

The 3 layers of golf clothing

#1 The Base Layer

These garments have to be worn right next to the skin; they are typically made of moisture-wicking fabric. They fit the body shape very closely and this also provides the body sufficient amount of warmth in the cooler months. The key advantage of this layer is the warmth factor; it helps the golfer swing more easily and they are able to perform better.

Some advanced base layers are made using Compression Technology; they provide a tighter fit and aid body pressure, improve circulation and boost stamina as they stimulate the muscle’s oxygen levels. While thermal base layers are ideal if you are going to play golf in colder weather conditions, the hot weather base layers don’t have any thermal properties.

#2 The Mid Layer

Depending on the weather conditions, the base layer should provide added insulation to keep your body comfortable and warm; it does this by trapping the heat your body generates. Cold weather mid layers are normally made from high-grade stretchy and soft materials that provide a very snug fit and they don’t restrict your swing in any way.

The other attribute of a good quality mid layer is its breathability; and that helps transport the heat/moisture away from the body and aids in evaporation. In warm weather conditions, this layer is primarily the transport layer that’s specifically-designed for moisture transportation and maximum breathability; it helps keep you dry and cool.

Many of the current day fabrics used to create mid layer golf clothing have anti-bacterial qualities that provide protection from the sun’s UV rays and they keep your shirt fresh too. While this layer is extremely versatile, it won’t provide protection from windy conditions. It is more of an intermediate layer between your windproof/waterproof top layer and a warmer base layer.

#3 The Outer Layer

This is essentially the weather-protective layer that’s designed to provide a golfer with optimal protection against wind & rain. It’s vital that the outer layer you choose be made of a moisture-wicking fabric and that the garment be well-ventilated; that will help the 3-layered system to function efficiently.

Mix & Match Based on the Weather Conditions

The basic concept of layering is to effectively combine different garments based on the weather conditions you will be playing in. Check with your tour operator what the weather conditions will be like when you are in Pattaya. This will help you pick the right kind of garments for your trip.

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