Golf Swing Tips on How to Fix a Hook

A golf hook is a relatively common problem faced by most newcomers and amateurs of the game. If your swing isn’t right, your ball would end up on the left or right of the target, depending on whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. In essence, the ball hooks to a different direction and lands slightly off the target.

An alteration in your stance and golf swing will almost always correct this problem, but it takes time and patience to perfect this. Consider the following points as they will help you perfect your swing.

The Cause

What really causes the hook in the first place? If you observe most professional golfers will hold their golf clubs firmly but before force. If your grip on the handle is too tight, the club, when hitting the ball would turn slightly inward, towards your body.

This causes the club to hit the ball at an off angle and that causes the ball to curve to the left or right respectively. Ideally, the ball should be hit at the right angle to cause it to move straight, directly towards the target. You can correct the problem by doing the following:

How to Fix it

Tight Grip

As the grip is the root of all evil, you need to examine it carefully. Just look at it would let you know exactly how hard you’re holding the club. Look down at your hand and examine the grip. If you see three knuckles on your left hand or the right hand if you’re a leftie, it means that you’re holding the club too tightly.

This grip would turn the face of the club during the impact with the ball. This creates a counter-clockwise or clockwise (if you’re left-handed) spin. The ball veers off-course, missing the target completely.

You can correct it by turning your hand counter-clockwise or clockwise. You need to do this until you see just two knuckles. This would relax your grip enough for you to nudge the hit ball the right angle. Your club wouldn’t be forced inward and that would lead to a straight shot towards the target.

Loose Grip

If the above solution doesn’t work, it might mean that you’re not holding the club tightly enough. If your grip is weak, the club would release earlier than recommended and that would hook the ball in a different direction. The only way to correct this is to hold your club firmly and securely. You need to have enough strength in your grip to smoothly carry out the entire swing without the direction of the club faltering.

The Stance

Now that you’ve corrected your grip, it’s time to focus on the stance. You need to keep the following points in mind when it comes to your stance.

You might need to change your address. Assume the proper stance by keeping your shoulders, hips, knees, and feet properly aligned with the club. When you assume the stance, shoulder to thumb line should be completely straight.

You need to keep your shoulders straight and the club face square throughout the swing. The left-toe-back would help with this. After you’re in the stance to swing, move your left foot back a little and lift it to the toe. This should help the swing.

You need to complete the swing by putting your driver’s head under your arm, right or left, depending on your dominant hand.

You’ll also need to keep practicing the swing, watching for all the mistakes and correcting them.

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