Mechanics of Your Swing – How to Add Back Spin to Your Approach Shot

Experts and professionals can’t say enough about the backspin in approach shots. It’s that magical spin than can bring the ball that has landed a little too further away, back in towards the target. Most people use it as a tool to accurately bring the ball closer to the hole in their short game. But what exactly is this backspin?

When you add a backspin to the ball, you can ensure that if it hits the ground, it would accelerate further, but rather, it would immediately stop and roll back. The backspin is a very effective tool during the short game. It will shorten the time it takes to finish the game and make sure that your ball ends up closer to your target. Here are some tips on how to add the backspin to your approach shots.

#1 Pick the Right Club

Different golf clubs would produce different amounts of spin. In this case, it’s a good idea to use a short wedge or iron for your game. Trying to hit this shot with wedges more than seven iron would lead to mistakes or bad results. You need to get enough height to the ball to make the shot work and get the required backspin and longer clubs might not help with that.

#2 Choose the Right Ball

Not many newcomers to the game are aware of it, but finding the right ball would lead to great results with the backspin. For the backspin, a golf ball with an accurately wound centre would be more preferable. The one with the hard centre wouldn’t be able to take a backspin as well as the former. Most professionals would use a 10 compression ball for their game but the 90 compression ball works well if you’re looking to get the distance as well as the backspins.

#3 Lob Wedge Practice

The regular practice with the lob wedge is needed to give you that confidence for better, longer shots in the future. During practice, make sure that you place the ball towards your back foot and not the centre, which is what you would do in a normal shot. You need to practice as much as possible to get the movement to be instinctive and easy.

#4 The Shot

The above step will help you hit the ball down squarely. That’s essential to create the desired backspin, as you’re hitting the ball hard at a downward angle. You need to take the divot after the ball is struck and not before. Full contact with the surface is vital for any sort of spin.

It’s a good idea to hit a ball with this technique if it’s on a clean lie, instead of a rough green. You’ll find getting a proper backspin on a rough green nearly impossible. Even seasoned professionals struggle with it occasionally.

#5 The Wind

Your backspin would be counterproductive if you hit it downwind. In fact, it’ll slow the ball down and decrease the distance travelled if you play the downspin against the wind that’s coming towards you. The best wind to play downspin in is, naturally, the one that heads in the same direction as the ball. If you’re in the wind, your downspin would be more successful.

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