How Beginners Can Improve Their Pace of Play While Golfing

If you want to have a good golfing experience, it’s important that you maintain a good pace of play. In most cases, it’s a blend of various little aspects that you don’t focus on, which contribute to a much slower play. The resultant on-course traffic jams can be very frustrating to deal with. Here are a few tips that will help improve your pace of play while golfing.

It’s crucial to keep in view the fact that just rushing your shots isn’t going to improve your pace of play. It’s more about being shot-ready when you get there on the putting green and of course playing efficiently too.

Some tips

  • Pick a complete set of tees that match your skill level. If you are still finding your way around the golf course and play from a set of specialised championship tees, it will only add strokes and slow down your pace.
  • When you are playing in group, each person should simply head straight to his/her ball. Travelling as a group or even heading first for one ball and then onto the next etc.
  • When you are either riding towards or walking to your ball, that travel time should be used as an opportunity to mull over your next shot, the club you will use and the yardage. It’s important to prep before you actually get to the ball.
  • In case you’re sharing a cart, don’t immediately drive to the 1st ball. Just wait for the first person to play and then head over to the 2nd ball. Drop that person off at the 1st ball and then continue to drive over to the 2nd ball.
  • While the 2nd player is playing his shot, the 1st player should then walk over to the cart.
  • In case you’re using a cart on any one of the “cart-path-only” days, ensure you carry a few clubs with you from the cart to the ball. That way, if you find you haven’t brought the right club, you won’t have to walk back to the cart to fetch it.
  • You should also carry a couple of extra tees, a spare ball and a few ball markers in your pockets; you won’t spend time walking back to your golf bag to get them, in case you need one.
  • If you think your ball is lost or that your shot has gone out of bounds, hit a provisional shot in quick succession. Why walk ahead to look for that ball, only to retrace your steps to replay your shot?
  • Don’t spend over a minute searching for balls if you aren’t following the rules in any case
  • If you are in the middle of a conversation and it’s your turn to play, pause that conversation, take your stroke and then go back to your conversation.
  • Start lining-up your putt & reading without delay, once you’re on the green.
  • Once it’s your turn to putt, you should be prepared & take the stroke.
  • Make it a point to leave your cart/golf bags in the direction of your next tee and not in front of the green.
  • After you have holed-out, don’t stand next to or on the green to write down your score; you can do that once you reach the next tee.
  • If nothing else works, get the group to play “ready golf”; in this the order of play will be based on the people present and not on those who’re away.

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