Golf Swing Tips on How to Lengthen your Drive

The mark of the true professional of the game is the ability to really drive the ball hard across several hundred meters. While it sounds easy on paper to lob the small ball over that distance, it isn’t so. In fact, it takes a combination of skill, power, execution, and the right stance to achieve a long drive.

Long drives would shorten your game quite a bit and help you reach that 18th hole quicker. Here are some tips and tricks that would lengthen your drive considerably and make sure that your make the cleanest shots.

The Loft

One of the simplest ways to lengthen your drive is by increasing your loft. Most people don’t realize it but quite often, their equipment can be the root cause of their golfing problems. Consider the loft of your driver and think about increasing it. That simple change can add nearly 30 meters to your drive.

You might also want to consider a lighter, better fitted shaft. The idea is to have a club that would allow you to execute that perfect swing without any problems. Optimizing your equipment is a great place to start getting better at your game. Once you’ve done optimizing them, you can turn your focus on your skill and work on improving it. This offers the best base.

Understand Your Built

The size of your body and your reach will also help you improve the game. You need to find that sweet spot in your physical ability that would give you the maximum advantage. Consider which aspect of your body gives you the best advantage and allows you to swing well and fully. If you understand this, you can incorporate it into your shots and tailor the game to your body’s ability.

Consider Shortening the Length

Most people automatically assume that a long shaft length would lead to a longer drive but that isn’t the case. In fact, many times you would notice that a shorter shaft length would add great momentum to your swing and increase the length of your drive. Longer shafts can make it difficult for a person to correctly gauge the timing. It would be a better idea to just swing harder using a smaller shaft than to use a longer one.

Drawing instead of Slicing

People used to slice the ball to get the distance but slicing doesn’t quite achieve the level of spin needed for the ball to travel far. Several years ago, the equipment would add a high level of spin to the ball during the slice but it doesn’t do that these days. It might be a better idea to simply draw and swing from the inside the golf ball. This would add some compression, allowing the ball to travel through the wind more effectively. This would increase the length of your drive.

Your Stance

It would also serve you well to widen your stance and anchoring yourself firmly. You’ll notice that most professional golfers have very wide stances when they hit the long drives. The idea is to generate the maximum amount of swing and momentum possible. You need to execute the swing at an elliptical angle. You can do this by extending your arm, the right arm in the right-handed player and the left-arm in the left handed player, during the backswing. You’ll also need to keep the club head away from the ball until the very last moment.

This would help you lengthen your drive considerably. If you have any questions about  golf techniques and the various tour packages on offer and our luxurious villa accommodations, you can get in touch with us at Pattaya Golf Trips. Just fill in this contact us form and we’ll get back to you. You can also call us on 0499 013 536, and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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