How to Protect Your Health and be Safe While Playing Golf

Golf is a very popular sport and there are a number of health benefits to playing it. If you play it regularly, it can significantly improve cardiovascular fitness, stamina as well as muscular endurance. In comparison to many other sports, this is quite a low injury-risk sport; however, there are some common injuries including to the shoulder, lower back, eye & head as well as elbow and wrist.

Golfing Injuries – The Risk Factors

Regular golf can help improve stamina, cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. For example, typically, a golfer playing any 18-hole game tends to walk about 7kms. The level of injury risk from playing this game aren’t very high; however, since repetitive movements are involved in playing the game, certain injuries are quite common. Some of the aspects that can up the risk of injuries while golfing are:

Time you spend playing

Typically, the more often you play, the greater the injury risk. If you spend in excess of 6 hours/week in any form of competitive play, you are at a higher risk of overuse injuries, just as professional golfers are.

Incorrect technique

A poor swing style or something like hitting the ground instead of actually hitting the ball are all examples of incorrect technique; and these increase the risk of injury. If you use the right techniques, you are less likely to injure yourself.

Unsupervised children

In most instances, injuries to children below 10 years of age are typically a result of insufficient adult supervision (eg- children may get hit in their face by swinging clubs).

Not warming-up or cooling down

Both these activities are extremely important when you are playing golf as they help reduce the risk of joint & muscle injuries.

Previous injury

If you have any existing injuries, golf can aggregate existing injuries.

Golf – The Health & Safety Suggestions

  • Ensure that all the equipment including shoes and clubs are professionally fitted
  • It’s important to keep yourself well-hydrated with non-alcoholic drinks, before as well as post the game. Carry drinks in your bag and sip on them while you are putting on the greens.
  • Keep yourself protected from the sun. Use sunscreen that is SPF30+ (or higher) and wear protective clothing as well. Use a good hat and wear a good pair of protective sunglasses too
  • Carry some insect repellent in your bag at all times.
  • Follow all the basic etiquettes and rules of the game.
  • Follow all the safety instructions when you are diving a golf cart that’s motorised.
  • Small children should be supervised at all times while on the golf course.
  • Ensure you rest adequately between games.
  • It’s best to carry a mobile phone with you, in case of an emergency.
  • Don’t engage in very lengthy practice sessions – this is particularly true if you are practising a particular shot over & over again.
  • Straighten & stretch your back regularly while you are playing
  • When you are picking up balls, don’t forget to keep your knees bent.
  • If you have been injured while playing golf, ensure that it’s treated immediately.

These are just a few of the things you should be focusing on while playing golf, to ensure your health is protected and that you are safe as well. Even as you focus on your own health and safety, ensure that you aren’t causing injury or harm to other people on the golf course.

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