Golf Attire Styles – Read This Before You Go Shopping For Golf Clothes

Most regular golfers pay a lot of attention to their attire and take extra effort to purchase stylish and comfortable clothing and this is a trend that existed even centuries ago when the sport first started being played in Scotland. In fact, you can see glimpses of that classic golf attire styles even in today’s modern golf attire and many golfers ware cardigan sweaters and tartan plaids while they are on the greens. Stylish golf attire is a very good blend of function and fashion and is perfect for contemporary use.

Stylish, functional gold clothes

There has been a significant change in golf clothing in the recent years and you will find a lot of clothing that is stylish and functional. Many golfers prefer wearing bold colours & splashy plaids on the course. It’s possible to find stylish golf attire that provides a roomy fit and the flexibility required for a golf swing.

Today, there have been a number of technological advances, and modern fabric construction allows specialised moisture-wicking materials to keep you cool and dry. If you are travelling to Thailand on a corporate golfing trip and are looking to add some new pieces to your golfing wardrobe, you may want to keep some of these aspects in view.

Golf attire styling for men

This game is literally steeped in tradition and some men do end up wearing knitted cardigans, tweed, sported plaids etc. all these golf attire styles are reminiscent of a bygone era. However, most golfers have moved to wearing stylish slacks and polo shirts with collars. If you are golfing on cooler days, you may want to opt for vests, sweaters or short golfing jackets. For windy days and the monsoons, you can use a wind-resistant jacket or sweater or opt for one that has effective water-repellent qualities. You will also find slacks made of this material if you are planning to pay on a particularly wet day.

Golf attire styling for women

Women won’t have a tough time finding golfing attire and you can choose from capris, pants or short. Some women prefer wearing skorts that are almost like divided skirt. A good idea, especially for your golfing vacation, is to opt for a coordinated outfit that has vast selection of shorts and pants to accommodate weather changes. Sometimes you may also find matching jackets and vests when looking for golfing attire; and you can accessorise these with hats, belts and visors as required.

As you can see, there are many different types of golf clothes you can choose from and there is no dearth of good quality golf clothing brands in the market today. While you look for something trendy and stylish, make it a point to focus on the comfort aspect of it too. Check with your golf tour operator what the weather will be like at the time you plan to travel and then carry golf clothing that would be best suited to that climate.

Opt for the right accessories

Along with opting for comfortable clothing, also make it a point to buy comfortable shoes as that will add to your comfort levels when you are walking around the greens during a game. Look for clothes made of moisture wicking fabrics as they offer the best comfort levels.

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