What Exactly is Golf Attire Etiquette?

In almost every sport, there is a concept of acceptable and non-acceptable attire, and golf is no different. In fact, in this sport, clothing is part and parcel of the decorum of this game. There is an unspoken golf attire etiquette that people follow, but you will also find that most golf courses also have a certain dress code that members and those who play there, have to follow.

While these codes aren’t anywhere as restrictive as the ones that LPGA or PGA Tour players are required to follow, they are all designed to ensure that even the amateur golf players stick to the protocol; this is typically done to maintain the tradition of the game. If you are playing at a certain course for the first time, it would be a good idea to check what the dress code there is.


In most instances, the golf clubs require that the men wear specific collared shirts; these could be polyester/microfiber golf shirts or even ones made of cotton. At some courses, you may also be permitted to wear shorts that have turtleneck–style collar.

The golf tops that women wear have a wide variation in them and these could be either without/with collars. Regardless of which kind of clothing you choose, you would still be required to stick to a conventional sense of modesty. This also means that you shouldn’t really be wearing tube tops or bathing suit tops on the greens. Neither men nor women are permitted tank tops or T-shirts either.

Shorts & Pants

If you are planning to wear shorts, they would have to extend right up to the knee areas and should have a flat/pleated front. These are typically used in places that have warmer weather. Golf shorts are made of khaki or cotton and golf pants would also be made of the same material. Typically, the pants wouldn’t have any cuffs as those can collect grass and dirt. Many a golfers also wear pants that are made of specialised water-resistant material. Pants or shorts made of denim are prohibited on most courses. Women can wear dress shorts, capris, long trousers as well as skorts (golf skirts). Neither men nor women are permitted to wear basketball/running shorts.


While golf hats aren’t really specifically mentioned in any golf dress code, there is certain headwear that’s considered to be much more appropriate than others. Visors or baseball-style hats are very popular head gear for men and women, on golf courses and Ben Hogan caps, made of straw are also permitted.


In golf, footwear is considered to be more of golf equipment, than attire. The right kind of golfing shoes can help the players stabilize their swing and they also allow for better traction when the person is walking. Most golf shoes also have spikes on their soles (these spikes could be made of leather or rubber); most courses don’t permit shoes that have metal spikes. Not all golfing greens permit sneakers or running shoes, or even boots and street shoes.


Socks are a basic requirement, just as they are with any other footwear; and they are now quite an important component of golfing attire. This is typically because there has been advancement in the kind of fibres being used; these help keep the players feet dry and comfortable. Typically, the socks you wear should also complement your clothing.

If you are planning to travel to Pattaya on a corporate golfing trip, it would be a good idea to check which clubs you would be playing at, and what the attire there would be. This will ensure you have the right kind of clothing when you head for the greens.

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