7 Golf and Non Golf-Related Items You Should carry On Your Corporate Golf Trip

Your golf trip is planned and you have everything organised, and the only thing left to do now is to get your bags packed. Since you are going on a golfing tour, you know you’d have to pack some basic golf attire and essentials. Aside from that, you would also require some other non-golf essentials. Let’s take a look at what these things are:

The essentials

There are a number of things that can be considered to be essentials for your golf vacation, such as:

  • Clubs
  • At least a couple pairs of golfing shoes (just in case one pair gets wet)
  • Long-sleeved shirts, collared golf shirts
  • Windshirts and vests
  • Golf pants/shorts
  • Rain gear (if you are visiting Pattaya during the rains)
  • Umbrella
  • Thick socks
  • Golfing gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats/caps
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent

It’s important to carry a good golf travel bag as that will help keep all the essentials together when you are on the greens. If you find you’re running short of space in your luggage, the golf bag can be used to hold some clothes during your travel as well. Just ensure your shoes are in a separate bag, to keep your clothing clean.

Golf travel bag – choose the right one

If you are planning on carrying your own clubs, you would need to carry a sturdy travel bag. When you are travelling by air, hard cases provide the most protection. You also have the option to carry a padded soft case or the hybrid variant that’s a combination of soft and hard material. The hard tops in the latter variety help protect your clubs. These also tend to occupy less space that a hard case. It’s also a good idea to look for a case with wheels as these provide greater mobility.


Even when you are on a golfing trip, you won’t be on the greens the whole time; so ensure you also carry some gear for non-golf related activities including going out to dinner, dancing and swimming etc.


Pattaya is a beautiful city and there are many places of interest that are a must-visit; so be sure to pack some casual clothing for when you are going sightseeing. Carry a pair of dress shoes and some extra clothes for just lounging around and of course, don’t forget your camera.

Clean Towels

This is one essential item you would need to wipe-off sweat from your brow and to keep your hands dry on those hot days on the golf course. Carry one towel for each day of your trip and make it a point to replace the towel at the end of every day.

Medical Kit

Every golf club has a basic first-aid facility; and while golf isn’t really a full-contact game where you are going to get injured often, it’s best to carry around a basic medical kit that includes things like Band-Aid, lip balm, aspirin and bee-sting relief cream or lotion. These things can come handy in case somebody in your golfing group (who didn’t bring their own medical kit) requires them.

Energy Bars

Even as you move to the 17th and 18th holes, you may just find your energy levels flagging; and that will only compromise a great round. Energy bars are an excellent way to give your body that much-needed boost to finish strong.

Extra pairs of Socks

Just as it’s uncomfortable and distracting to walk around in a pair of wet shoes, sweaty socks can have the same effect. Most golf courses also have many water sources and you don’t really want to be walking around in wet socks. You will find that changing out of wet/sweaty socks can reinvigorate your game.

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