Your First Trip To Thailand? Here are a Few Tips

If you are travelling to Thailand for the very first time, you likely want to make the best of it. While your tour operator will surely be able to provide all the information you need about the place and what the common dos and don’ts are, you may still have a number of questions and doubts and can benefit from reading these tips we have put together for your first trip to Thailand:

#1 Things to pack

What you pack depends on your travel plans and the activities you will be involved in while you are in Thailand. So, since you are going on a golfing trip, don’t forget to pack all your golfing attire, shoes and accessories. Keep in mind that Thailand is situated in the tropics and that means the weather there is largely warm and humid.

Ensure that all the clothing footwear and headgear is suitable for it. Some of the things you must carry with you are casual clothing and swimwear; an umbrella, personal medications and toiletries, shoes that have been broken into and some conservative clothing for the times when you visit shrines and other religious places in Pattaya.

#2 The littering and smoking aspects

Thailand is unlike some of its neighbouring countries and it takes smoking and littering quite seriously in areas w`1here they are banned. There will be signs in areas that have been demarcated as no-smoking zones and you aren’t permitted to litter anywhere on the streets. If you want to dispose of some waste look for a rubbish bin instead.

#3 Rules of shopping in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand is very different from shopping in any Western country and some of the things you should be aware of include:

  • You can bargain in a market or shops; however, if the shopkeeper has an employee ID you aren’t permitted to bargain.
  • You can avoid the language barrier by carrying a calculator while you go shopping.
  • Most supermarkets and stores in Thailand open their doors for business between 10 and 10.30 am while very few open up by 9.30.
  • Shopping in Pattaya can be quite entertaining, but it’s important that you visit multiple stores, compare prices and bargain before you buy anything; this is especially true when you are buying any precious gems or jewellery.
  • Always ask for a receipt when you make a purchase and check it thoroughly before you leave the store. Credible businesses will allow you to return an item for up to 90 days from the date of purchase. If this is a facility you would like to have, check whether the store has a return policy before buying anything there.
  • Thais generally have a good sense of humour and are very polite as well. If you too have a friendly demeanour and sport a smile when you go shopping, you will find that the local shopkeepers are more open to bargaining and you can get good discounts.

Always maintain decorum when you are in public places and don’t wear revealing clothes when you are moving around the city. Make sure you look after your belongings when you are in any public place and ensure that you carry sufficient small cash to tip people when you are happy with the services they provide.

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