Heading For Pattaya On a Golf Trip? Here are Some Dos and Don’ts

As a tourist in any country, it often happens that you commit some faux pas that can be embarrassing, funny and sometimes insulting to someone else too. If you are planning on going on a corporate golf trip to Pattaya, chances are you will also be visiting some local places of interest and popular tourist spots.

Maybe you will hit the night clubs sometime and go pub crawling. While Pattaya is very modern and cosmopolitan, and its people are open, friendly and forward-looking, it’s a good idea to be aware of the dos and don’ts. Learning a little more about the traditions and culture of the city and country you’re visiting isn’t a bad idea at all. This can help ensure you don’t inadvertently insult, slight, hurt or embarrass any one. Here is a list of dos and don’ts on your Pattaya golf trip that we have put together for you:

Pattaya – The Dos

  • Always maintain a pleasant demeanour; a sad or frowning face will only create a wrong perception in the minds of the local people.
  • When you are walking through a crowd, make it a point to dip your shoulders a little
  • Always curtail anger and maintain your cool. Thai people give a lot of importance to keeping face; and when you lose your temper, not only do you lose the respect of others, but you lose face too.
  • If someone wais you, simply wai in return. However, if you don’t feel too comfortable or if you forget, be polite and a hello will suffice as well. Thai people tend to use wai instead of shaking your hand. They essentially raise their hand in a gesture that greets you or says hello. To make a wai, you just have to bring your palms together as if you were praying and raise them to your face.

Pattaya – The Don’ts

  • Never show disrespect towards Thailand’s Royal Family. If you notice the locals showing respect to their Royal Family, by giving a wai or by standing, it’s a good idea to follow suit. This practice is commonly seen and followed in theatres across Thailand.
  • Don’t attempt to buy illegal drugs or bring in any, into the country.
  • Don’t touch any locals on the top of their head; this is considered disrespectful. This is an acceptable gesture for courting couples or close friends, or when you are touching a small child on the head (in a friendly gesture), but not otherwise.
  • Don’t point your feet in the direction of any person as this is considered insulting.
  • You shouldn’t show the soles of your feet when you are in any Budddhist temple as this is frowned upon. Kneel or sit in such a manner that the soles of your feet aren’t exposed.
  • Don’t wear any type of hat or headgear when inside a temple.
  • Don’t pass objects onto anyone using your left hand and never use your left hand while shaking hands either.
  • In the local culture, the left hand is used in the toilet; and so if you use it rather than the right, that is considered to be derogatory.
  • Don’t underdress when in public; while it’s okay to be shirtless on a beach, it isn’t acceptable when you are entering any shop, public building or restaurant.
  • Women shouldn’t directly pass anything to a monk, or touch them even. The monks aren’t permitted to touch women. If you are placing any offerings, put it directly in the alms basket.

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