Do I need to Tip the Caddies While Golfing in Pattaya?

When you are on the greens at any golf course in Pattaya, you are likely to end up hiring caddies. And this brings up the next question – do you need to tip the caddies? Well, unless you have got an utterly useless caddy who can’t tell a tee from golf ball, leave them a decent tip. Even if you get a really “green” caddie who isn’t very efficient or quick, consider giving them at least a small tip.

It’s common to see golfers that have had a less than perfect day on the greens, to vent their frustration on their caddies and they simply walk away without tipping them anything and blame them for their bad luck. Not only is this irrational, but it undermines the labour and effort these caddies put into their work; walking across the golf courses lugging your heavy golf bags and carrying the other accessories you need while golfing as well.

Some things to keep in view

However, most golfers in Pattaya experience unrivalled service from their caddies as most of them are very friendly and hardworking. So when you are leaving a tip for your caddy, just as you don’t want to under-tip, you don’t want to over-tip either. Here is some information that will help you decide how much you should be tipping your caddies:

  • Most golf courses will retain some portion of the fees you pay for caddie services. That is also why you don’t pay the caddies directly; instead you are issued a coupon that they keep; they redeem their wages at the end of the day.
  • While the caddie fees that the courses charge sound fair for the amount of work they do in a day, you need to keep in mind that they don’t get to work every single day.
  • On slow days, when there is no caddie service required, they have to work on the golf courses sweeping pathways, pulling weeds and carrying out other maintenance tasks with no salary.
  • On the larger golf courses that have 300+ caddies, each person may get to caddie only a couple of time each week. For the large part, who gets to caddie depends on their ratings by customers and their seniority within the team.
  • During any work day, they are responsible for providing their own food and for cleaning their uniforms as well.

How to choose the right caddie

Most caddies at the better golf courses are well-trained and friendly but most of them tend to converse only in Thai with a smattering of English. When you are hiring a caddie, you may be tempted to pick the best-looking or the youngest ones; instead, opt for the older ones who seem more seasoned; they will be more interested in your game rather than their own appearance.

Most good caddies will have worked on specific golf courses for a number of years and its common for senior caddies to have at least 10-15 + years of service. They know the greens and courses very well and can be a great help when you are golfing.

When it comes to tipping, it’s a good idea to tip at least 50-60% of their fees. If you get a particularly good caddie, you can increase that amount to the point you want. They haul your bag, work under the scorching sun and still maintain their friendly demeanour as they walk the course with you, so you should consider tipping them generously.

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