Do I Really Need To Buy Special Golf Shoes Before Going On a Pattaya Golf Trip?

Sportswear manufacturers design athletic footwear to match the needs of the person playing a certain sport. People often increase their chances of injuries when they wear shoes not designed for that sport. Its commonplace for novice golfers to wear any shoes they have on hand when they are heading out for a game of golf. But just as you choose your attire with care and attention to detail, you need to make sure the shoes you wear while golfing, complement your attire and are suitable to be worn on the golf course.

Why golfing shoes?

Today, advanced technology is used in the manufacture of golfing shoes and if you choose your shoes carefully, you will find that you are more comfortable while golfing and walking long distances on the greens. There are a number of reasons why you should opt for golfing shoes rather than standard sneakers or any basic sports shoes:

They are sturdy

One of the primary benefits of golfing shoes is that they have wide-track rubber soles; this adds to their solidity and the sharp tongs prevent slipping on greens. The material used in making golf shoes makes them lightweight yet firm. Golf shoes provide good arch support, something that footwear used for other sports don’t provide.

Support & comfort

Shoes that have been specially-designed for golfing have extra padding on the inside; this padding provides effective shock absorption and support to the mid-foot. This support is particularly crucial when driving the ball because most golfers end their strokes on the balls of their feet. High quality golf shoes are made with flexible leather that’s very comfortable for walking on the courses.


Today, you will find a number of golf shoes made of materials that increase breathability. Golf shoes have specialised inner lining that absorbs moisture and prevents your feet from sweating, allowing the feet to breathe. Some shoe styles also have a foot bed combining charcoal and polyurethane, which helps soak up foot moisture. The polyurethane helps keep the feet cool or warm depending on the weather conditions while you are on the golf course.

Spiked golf shoes – the benefits

One of the main benefits of spiked golf shoes is that they provide a better grip while you are walking on the grass. Modern technologies used in making these spikes helps you make quicker turns when you strike the ball. Most golfing shoes have detachable twist spikes on the out-soles; these help golfers maintain good traction on different types of golfing surfaces.

Spikeless golf shoes – the benefits

Many golf courses, even in Pattaya don’t permit spiked shoes and there is a solid reason for this. Spikes tend to damage the golf course and the damage becomes even more evident on the busier courses. Spikeless golf shoes don’t cause damage to the golf course as much as their spiked counterparts do. With a little bit of effort you can find well-cushioned and comfortable spikeless golfing shoes.

These are specially-designed to improve flexibility and evenly-distribute the body weight. They’re also priced much lower than most spiked golf shoes. If you are travelling to Pattaya on a golfing trip, its best to check with your tour operator what type of golfing shoes the courses you will be playing at permit; and then make your choice.

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