Best Sea View Restaurants in Pattaya to Dine at On Your Corporate Golf Trip

Pattaya is a beautiful city surrounded by the sea. It has long coastlines with white, sandy beaches with the view of crystal blue waters. Most tourists that visit the city want to dine by the sea at least once because that’s a beautiful and memorable experience. Our clients at Pattaya Golf Trips often ask about the best sea-view restaurant recommendations and we believe the ones mentioned below are some of the most popular ones:

The Glass House

If you want great views with the choice between Thai and Western cuisine, The Glass House is a good option for you. It’s a beautiful restaurant with seating available on the beach, on top of a terrace, and inside an air conditioned area. All offer great views of the sea, so you can choose something based on your preferences and mood.

The View Restaurant

The View also offers a good combination of Thai and western cuisine and seating is on an open terrace area that overlooks the sea. The view is nothing short of spectacular, which is why people keep coming back to this restaurant for dining. If you want something with a more romantic atmosphere, The View is an excellent choice for you because just before sunset, the staff will place mats and low tables on the beach for couples to enjoy the an intimate setting.

Bacco Beach Restaurant

It’s not uncommon for tourists to want a break from Thai cuisine. If you’re at that stage of your trip, you should visit the Bacco Beach Restaurant for some familiar Italian cuisine and great pizzas. They’re well-known for their excellent collection of wines as well; so if you want a good dining experience with Italian food and good wine, Bacco Beach Restaurant would fit the bill.

Rimpa Lapin

Rimpa Lapin is one of the most popular restaurants in Pattaya and is owned by a famous Thai actor. It’s located on a high hillside terrace and offers stunning views of the sea. The restaurant offers a great dining experience thanks to a great atmosphere and some excellent food. The menu focuses on Thai cuisine but you can find fusion food, imported beers, and an excellent collection of wines. If you want a unique fine dining experience, you should visit Rimpa Lapin.

Moom Aroi Restaurant

Moon Aroi is also known as Mum Aroy and is very popular with tourists and locals alike. The restaurant offers excellent seafood made from the freshest possible produce because it’s just 500 meters away from the renowned Naklua Fish Market. The restaurant offers stunning views of the gulf that’s just a few meters away from the seating area. It’s also within convenient reach of almost all popular hotels in the city.

Rim Talay Seafood Restaurant

Rim Talay is located smack dab on top of the Wongamat Beach and is very popular with tourists because of its convenient location. The restaurant has 700 seats on the beach and a great menu with Thai and western cuisine. Seafood is its specialty and there are some stunning seafood dishes on the menu that you should sample. The restaurant also provides live broadcast of international sporting events and live music as well. This is a must-visit establishment in Pattaya.

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