Best Pattaya Golf Courses You Should Play at On Your Corporate Golf Trip

Today, Pattaya has become the preferred golfing destination for people from across the world. The city has the largest number of golf courses compared to any region in South-Asia. Here, you will find in excess of 20 courses just with a 45-min drive of Downtown Pattaya, all of which offer different challenges and styles.

If you are a golfing enthusiast and are planning on travelling to Pattaya on a corporate golfing trip, you are sure to want to play at the best golf courses in the region. Here is some information that will help:

Top Pattaya Golf Courses

Pattaya has a variety of golf courses, ranging from ones that are highly affordable to the Championship-level greens and many in between. However, if you are looking forward to playing at the best golf courses in Pattaya, the ones that we have listed below are unmatched in excellence on every count:

#1 Siam Country Club – The Old Course

If you read any articles online providing information on Thailand’s best golf courses, you will find that The Old Course at the Siam Country Club is positioned in the Top 10. This course was established more than four decades ago and has now evolved into one of the best that Asia has to offer. Over the years, it has hosted a variety of events; and the Women’s LPGA is one of the regulars.

I. Izumi was the original designer of this golf course, when construction first began in September 1969. However, Schmidt & Curley Design Inc was the company that recently handled the redesign of these greens. They removed some of the trees that existed there to provide the players a little more comfort and breeze when playing. Today, the course has 101 bunkers that add to the challenge & beauty of the play. And so, if you want to play at one of Pattaya’s best golf courses, Siam Country Club’s The Old Course is the one you should aim to tee at.

#2 Siam Country Club – The Plantation

This golf course is located on the same grounds where The Old Course stands. However, The Plantation offers an experience that’s a little different from its more acclaimed sibling. This course has three sets of 9 holes; it was first opened up in 2008 and Schmidt-Curley Design Inc. of Scottsdale (Arizona)‘s principle architect, Lee Schmidt designed this course. While this course is quite a new entrant on the scene, it is growing beautifully into its surroundings with every passing year, which adds to its maturity. It has a large number of high-elevation tee-offs, bunkers as well as world-class facilities and conditions. No matter which way you look at it, this golf course is one of Pattaya’s best.

#3 Laem Chabang International Country Club

This golf course is situated just a 25-mins drive from downtown Pattaya and is undoubtedly one of Thailand’s most scenic golf courses. This is a mature course that is lined with trees and you will find a large number of stunning flowers all over the place; the holes on this course all have names rather than numbers. The Laem Chabang has 27-holes providing pure golfing excellence and it offers an outstanding golfing experience to players that are looking to play in the region; this course is one you can’t afford to miss while on your trip to Pattaya.

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