The Best Greens to Play at On your Corporate Golf Trip to Pattaya

Pattaya is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for corporate golf trips in Australia. Thailand is a beautiful country; and Pattaya is a very vibrant and lively place, which makes it an ideal location for a break. On your trip, you can explore the scenery, visit interesting buildings and monuments, relax on white sandy beaches, or play golf on some of the most stunning and well-designed courses in the country. At Pattaya Golf Trips, we recommend you explore the courses listed below on your trip to Pattaya.

Best Greens in Pattaya

#1 Bangpra Golf Club

This club was established back in 1958 and is one of the first built in Pattaya; so it was vital in promoting golf as a sport and golf tourism in the region. The club received a complete upgrade in 1988 through the combined efforts of the Japan Golf Professional Incorporated and Tourism Authority of Thailand. This course was specifically built with the intention of promoting tourism; and is one of the best maintained venues in Pattaya.

#2 Burapha Golf Club

This club has hosted the 2010 Thailand Open and several other professional tournaments, so it’s naturally a well-maintained and designed course. This course stands out because of its excellent utilisation of the natural features and topography of the land. The designers have planned the course around lakes, trees, hills, and most of the vegetation naturally present on the land. That has created one of the most scenic and challenging courses in Pattaya.

#3 Greenwood Golf and Resort

This course is both challenging and unique, making it a great destination for your corporate vacation. It’s designed by Peter Thomas and utilises vegetation and excellent landscaping to create an engrossing course for all kinds of golfers. It’s located in the Hills of Chonburi, a mere 70 minute drive from Pattaya. The trip is worth the effort because the course is very scenic and has 27 holes par 72. You’ll definitely have a good time during your visit and game.

#4 Laem Chabang International Country Club

The Laem Chabang International Country Club has one of the best courses in terms of layout and design. It’s designed by Jack Nicklaus and has 27 holes spread over an area of 700 acres. The course makes great use of the natural vegetation and landscape including natural hazards like lakes, creeks, ponds, rocks, and trees. They make the course both scenic and challenging so it’s capable of keeping your interest engaged throughout the game.

#5 Rayong Green Valley Country Club

This is perhaps the most popular course in Pattaya among tourists and locals alike. It’s almost a 45-minute drive from the centre of the city, but the effort is worth the reward. The course is designed by Peter Thomas and is suitable for golfers at every skill level, which makes it ideal for corporate getaways.

The design takes advantage of the natural features of the land and it a great walking course. The great views, challenging traps and hazards, and the relatively affordable price make is a great option for you. The course has 18 holes par 72 so it has less room to accommodate a large crowd. If you intend to play here, you need to ensure you’ve booked in advance.

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